Tuesday, July 6, 2010

16 Months Old

On July 1st, our little man turned 16 months old.

Here is what Hudson is up to at 16 months:
  • Talking, talking, talking. Every day it's a new word or some new jibber jabber. He is a non-stop talker and some of it we understand, but most of it is still like a foreign language. We love it though. He talks with such expression too so we know it's really important! This month, we've added cracker (which I'm MOST impressed about and he says it clear as day), snack, milk, cow, Pop (for Pops), Chloe, Jack, eyes, ear, nose, mouth, boat, bath, teeth, and he also says strawberry (well, it's close to strawberry so it counts!). Oh and the other day I asked him if he wanted to go swimming and he yelled, "Wimmin!" It was too cute.
  • He is really starting to understand us. For instance, if we tell him to go get a shoe, he goes and gets a shoe. If we say we are going downstairs, he goes right to the door, and heaven forbid if we even utter the word "outside". You better be prepared to face the mosquitoes because you aren't going to get out of it if that word slips out (well, you could get out of it, but there would be some fit pitching involved!)! I can tell he's starting to understand the word "no" as well because for the most part, he stops what he is doing when we say it. There are plenty of times that he acts like he doesn't understand it though and also plenty of times that he says "no" back to us! :) He also knows what ice cream is and he LOVES it! I tried to bribe him one night to eat a veggie and told him it was ice cream and it worked! Well, for one bite, and then he wasn't too happy with me!
  • Speaking of food, he's doing much better with his eating. There are not too many nights when I have to fix him something other than what we are eating, so it has gotten a lot better. He's still not doing many veggies, but he is "trying" more things now so I'm ok with that. He even tried my razor the other day. We had a "I thought Joel was watching him and he though I was watching him" mess up and found a bloody mess in the bathroom. I think Hudson actually liked the razor because he was just a smiling while we were both in freak out mode over what he had hurt because there was so much blood. It was nothing though...just a cut on the tongue and it didn't even bother him. It could have been a lot worse! Just shows us that we can't take our eyes off him for a second!
  • He can tell you where his eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, and belly are.
  • He can say moo moo for a cow. He has done woof woof for a dog, but it's not as consistent, and of course, he still does quack quack for a duck.
  • He loves to dance. If we start singing and dancing and tell him to "bounce, bounce", he dances. It's even better when he has an audience! He also has started waving. He did the bye bye wave for a while, but now he's waving like Miss America, especially in restaurants. The other day we were at Newk's and he started waving at this young guy who had to still be in college (and was with a girl trying to have a quiet lunch!). I was so embarassed, but the guy started playing peek a boo with him and it made Hudson's day. What a trooper that guy was. We definitely thanked him before we left! Oh and last weekend, I was stuck in traffic, which is never a good thing when you have a child who likes to be moving, and Hudson started waving at the man next to us. Again, so embarassing, but the man waved back and smiled and kept him occupied for a good 5 minutes while we sat there. Thank you to all those who take the time to speak to youngins' in public! I have a whole new respect for those people!
  • He is taking one nap a day for the most part, especially on daycare days. Some days when I'm home with him, he will take two naps, but I really like it when I can keep him up until after lunch and then he will take a really good, long nap. He still goes to bed between 7 and 7:30 and sleeps until around 7. The boy needs his sleep and we still don't have any issues putting him down. He does like to read ALL of his books before bed though, but that's cute!
  • We've only added half a tooth from last month. He had a bottom one poke through this past weekend so it's not all the way in. That makes a total of 7 teeth (we're a little slow in the teeth department!).
  • He's still wearing 24 month and 2T clothes. I think he will be in that size for a while.

That's about it! He's a mile a minute and keeps us running after him at all times! It is exhausting, but we wouldn't trade it for the world.

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