Monday, May 14, 2018


February was a really happy month for us--we finally moved into our house that we had been renovating for 6 months!
This was the before on the outside...
The after!
We LOVE the house. It's perfect for us and fits our needs and wants so much more than before. I could go on and on about the neighborhood too. Our boys come home from school and play with the neighbors until dark most nights. A lot of nights we have extras for dinner too! You just never know. This is the reason why we moved though and it's been great. The inside is still a work in progress. Maybe I'll do an inside tour at some point!

On moving day, the boys ran in the Mercedes Kids Marathon. This is one of Hudson's favorite things to do and Harrison finally go to experience it this year. Both boys crushed the race and finished in times that I thought were pretty ridiculous for kindergarten and 3rd graders! I can't remember the exact times, but Hudson was in the low 7's and Harrison was right at 8 minutes. I can't run a mile that fast!

 I didn't mention that it was pouring down rain! What a great moving day it was too! Yuck!

We celebrated Valentine's Day! Parties with both classes...

 Hudson had a big Pioneer Day project due in February...this was the picture that was on the cover of his project...
Hudson got his braces off! Woo hoo!!! He looks so good. Braces were NO big deal at all for this boy. Never complained one bit. I'm so glad we went ahead and fixed some issues that he had. Of course, round 2 will come in a few years, but hopefully won't be too bad!

 They had Pioneer Days at school, which was such a fun day to wrap up their big project and studies.

 And of course baseball got started...

It was a good month!

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