Thursday, May 10, 2018

Peach Bowl

When Hudson found out Auburn was going to the Peach Bowl, he started asking if we could go. He even went so far as to ask Big Daddy (my dad) if he would buy us we can't buy our own, but oh well! Haha. Well, Big Daddy is a big sucker when it comes to his kids and grandkids and the grandkids' big surprise at Christmas was tickets to the Peach Bowl. Of course Hudson was down for the count sick and missed the big surprise, but he was looking forward to being better in time to go.
The game was early on New Year's Day so we had gotten a hotel room in Atlanta the night before to make a little mini trip out of it. We had taken Hudson to the doctor as soon as we could the day after Christmas (Tuesday maybe?) and they tested him for everything and nothing came back positive so we were told it was probably just a virus. Then, we went back on Friday when things weren't improving and he got a chest xray this time, which revealed pneumonia, probably because he had not been out of the bed since Sunday! We were happy because that meant an antibiotic could treat it and that hopefully he would still be able to go to Atlanta the following Sunday. Well, Sunday came and the fever was STILL at 102...I had wanted to just scrap the whole trip because it wasn't fair that Hudson was really the one that was begging to go and if he couldn't go, we wouldn't have fun...and then we decided we would just take him and he could stick it out...and then we decided we needed to leave him. There were LOTS of tears from all parties. I know, I know, over a football game...but it was so sad for him and that made my mama heart sad. It was hard to leave him, but Joel quickly reminded me that we do have another child and it wouldn't be fair to HIM if we didn't go. And he was exactly right.
So Harrison got to go with us and we really did have a fun time. It's amazing how different our kids are when they get some alone time with mom and dad! We had fun spoiling that little monster for a day!
We met my parents and Trey, Shondra and Morgan at dinner on New Year's Eve in Atlanta. We had a fabulous dinner and I was definitely happy that we did not scrap the trip. We needed that little getaway, as short as it was! We had literally not left the house in 7 days by that point except to go to the doctor!

 Look at this painted dog!!!!

Morgan had to get a picture with him!

 We determined that we REALLY made the right decision to leave Hudson behind when it was time to go into the game. The day was FREEZING. Like 10 degrees with a wind chill. It was ridiculous. Dad had bought us these awesome parking spots right next to the stadium so we parked super close to the Mercedes stadium, however, everyone entering the stadium had to go through metal detectors, which meant standing in a mosh pit of people for 45 minutes in the freezing cold. We were miserable.

 None of us could feel our bodies when we finally got inside the stadium. It really took a bit for the numbness to wear off, but we were so thankful to have finally made it inside and to our seats! The stadium was amazing!

 I had a fun time with my littlest buddy!

The game itself was not so great, but the experience was fun! That was until we got almost out of Atlanta and Harrison asked where his BRAND NEW 7 day old Ipad was...and we realized it had gotten left in the hotel. We immediately changed courses and headed back to the hotel and of course, no one had seen an ipad, even though the room had been cleaned. Yeah right...I really just lose all faith in humans when this kind of thing happens. Fortunately for us, the manager of the hotel was able to reimburse us for the cost of the ipad, so I was very thankful that they did the right thing.

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