Thursday, May 10, 2018

Christmas 2017

We started on Christmas Eve Eve with the Reed's. Since we were living with the Reed's at the time, the boys had been so anxious to open all their gifts! They couldn't hardly stand it. We had a great dinner and then enjoyed gifts.

 It's hard getting an almost 2 year old to smile! We tried our best.
 Harrison wanted a picture of Sam and Sam was definitely all about it!

 Don't we look cute with a little girl haha?!!? :) Lilla wanted to be a part of our family picture!

 The present opening didn't take long when it looked like this...

I could hardly get them to stop! Harrison asked everyone in the family to get him a nerf gun, so as you can imagine, we now have 10 and I swear I spend half my life picking up nerf bullets! Oh and Harrison got a pack of 500 nerf bullets so there is never a shortage! :)

 Christmas Eve we had lunch at the Birmingham Country Club, which was our annual tradition. That was the very last one though because my parents decided to drop their membership. So sad...but we'll just have to make more memories and start new traditions somewhere else!

 Rooney's dress was amazing!!!

 We went to church that evening and it was wonderful!
 Lilla sat in everyone's lap during the service and made us all so happy!

 We headed to my parent's condo after that and even said on the way there that it was so awesome that we made it through Christmas with no sickness this year...famous last words.

My dad gave us a good laugh when we got there. He's always up to something! And yes, those are icicle lights...LED style.  I wasn't quite sure where we were haha!

 The boys were being so silly and excited!

That was the last happy picture out of Hudson. About 5 minutes after this was taken, he was laying on the floor with a fever of 103 degrees...that did not leave him for TEN DAYS. We almost had to hospitalize him because it was so bad. So, he went to bed in one of the bedrooms and the rest of us tried to have fun opening presents.

Harrison got a book about needing a new butt! :)

 My parents really spoiled us this year and we were so thankful for that!

Santa found us at the Reed's house this year!

 We had one happy boy...
 And one sick little boy...
He tried to rally, but you can see his rosy cheeks. He was downstairs for about 5 minutes before heading right back up to bed. Christmas as no fun for him.

Harrison got an ipad! He was so excited about it...until he left it in an Atlanta hotel room a week later and it was stolen. Grr!!!!
 And he almost killed us with a new bat.

We were supposed to do other things that day and spend Christmas with the family, but due to Hudson being sick, we were home bound. Which wasn't all that bad, but we did feel so very sorry for him. We were planning to go to Atlanta the next weekend to watch Auburn play in the Peach Bowl, so we kept saying we were glad that he was going to be well by then to go. Ha...little did we know!

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