Sunday, October 11, 2015

Quck Visit With Carrie

Carrie came into town a couple of weekends ago for a quick visit. Our grandmother (Mama Jean) really took a turn for the worse and was in the ICU and things were not looking good. It was so bad that I had prepared the kids and had my big cry and had started to come to terms with it.  She wanted to see her one more time so she flew in for a quick weekend visit. As it turned out, Mama Jean decided she was not quite ready to leave this world yet so we are so happy about that, however she just went back in the hospital today so who knows. 

Carrie brought Rooney solo this time and we were so excited that she was brave enough to do it! It is such a long flight with a little one. We could not wait to get our hands on this precious doll! Hudson just LOVES Rooney. He and I are taking a special trip to Cali just the two of us in a month to celebrate Rooney turning 1 and also celebrating Carrie for surviving one heck of a long year with her health (she's doing great by the way!) and we cannot wait.

 Rooney learned a lot about what it is like to live in the suburbs! Ha!

 And Carrie learned how heavy 3 kids in a wagon are! :) Because only Carrie would do of course!

 We got to see her every day she was here and it was so fun. I really wish we weren't so far away!

 She even helped me make Harrison's "cow jumps over the moon" costume for the nursery rhyme parade (which was on his birthday and he decided he did not want to go to school that day!). I thought it turned out cute!
Carrie, we'll see you in a month! Woo hoo!!!

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