Saturday, October 3, 2015

Harrison's Tumble Bus Party

We celebrated Harrison turning FOUR with the Tumble Bus this morning. Of course the weather did not cooperate and the "outside" party that we had planned for had to come inside, but it was ok! Harrison was SO excited he woke up at 6 am this morning ready to go! :)
 It was a big deal when the bus arrived! So exciting!

 We ended up having to have all the food indoors, but at least our dining room got some use! I just kept it simple and had Chick-fil-A nuggets, grape and strawberry fruit skewers, popcorn and chips, and then cookies and Harrison requested cupcakes.

 Cookies made by Joel's Aunt Gail. They were awesome and tasted great too!

 Fun on the bus!
 I love these happy faces!

 The bus was really cute and definitely something different to do.

 The big kids got lucky and got to go on the bus too.

 Trying to get them all to sit and smile was difficult, and I'm pretty sure this was not all the kids, but oh well!

 The kids spent a good 30 minutes on the bus at first, and then they were off and on the rest of the time. We set up our little bouncy house in our garage along with our riding toys, and that worked great. So between the bus, the garage, and the boys' rooms, the kids had fun! And surprisingly our house did not get destroyed!

The Three Musketeers as they now call themselves...aka the older brothers who kept locking the little kids out of the room and put signs up that said no girls and no babies allowed! Too funny!

 Harrison was just so happy the entire morning. And he hardly sat still. He was all over the place and loved having all of his friends come play!

 He loves icing!

All of the kids received medals from the Tumble Bus so that was neat too. And we handed out little school bus toys for the kids on the way out.

It was a fun morning celebrating our little guy! Now it's nap time! ;)

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