Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fall Soccer and Baseball

Harrison is playing soccer this fall and LOVING it. In fact, a couple of weeks ago it was a little rainy and our coach called to cancel right before we were about to leave to go so he was already all dressed and ready, and Harrison just did not understand. He kept saying, "But I just love soccer!" Sweet thing.
 We are playing with our buddies in the Homewood league this fall. Vestavia does not have organized soccer until next year for their age, so us Vestavians are playing soccer on Thursday nights in Homewood and it has been fabulous so far!
 His coach is extremely calm and patient and is really trying to get the kids to learn the game, which is really sort of funny since the majority are THREE. Obviously, it's complete chaos (and cuteness!).

 Harrison is still a little timid, but he can kick the ball a mile! If we could just get him to kick it and continue with it to the goal, we'd be doing great! He likes to admire his kicks! :)

Hudson is loving baseball this fall too! His coach is awesome and has taught this boy how to hit! He's doing so well! We are super proud of him. He's doing great catching the ball too!

 Of course he would tell you that his favorite part is playing with his social butterfly!

It's been a wonderful fall of sports so far!

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