Monday, October 26, 2015

Pumpkin Patch

A few weeks ago, we headed to Old Baker Farm to visit our favorite pumpkin patch. We started the day off with a trip through the corn maize. All smiles here at this point! 

 This was probably 40 minutes later and we were STILL not out of the maize. I'm sad to report that it defeated us this year. I don't know what happened!

The boys had never played in the cotton before, so that was a new adventure. They said it stunk! Ha! 

 Obligatory poses...

 Hudson climbed up to the top of the hay bail and asked that I take his here you go!

 They actually both had so much fun climbing the hay bales. They went up and down a bunch of times.
 Then it was finally time to hit the patch.

 I did not ask them to pose in these pictures...they are so funny (and maybe a little trained).

 This picture below represents reality! :)

 Somebody didn't like touching his dirty pumpkin! We tried the "you pick it, you carry it" mentality, but it clearly did not work! Maybe next year. Thankfully, he recovered quickly!

We had a great morning out! We picked 4 pumpkins that are still proudly waiting on our front porch to be carved! Hopefully we'll get to that this week!

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