Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Happy Birthday Hudson! A Trip to Atlanta to Celebrate!

We have a SIX year old! How is that possible?!!? Wasn't he just born on that cold, snowy Sunday?!? It's so hard to believe!
Instead of having another big birthday party with too much time spent planning and gifts we don't need, we decided that a family trip was in order this year and Hudson was definitely on board since one of the stops was to LEGOLAND where he was going to get to pick out the big cargo train lego set that he's had his eyes on since the fall.
We let him play hooky from school on Friday and made it to Atlanta by lunchtime. We ate at the Varsity! His all time favorite food is a cheeseburger, so we thought we would start the weekend off right! He loved it! He kept calling it Johnny Vockets though because of the V! Too funny!
Then, it was off to the aquarium for the afternoon! We took Hudson one other time when he was 2 while we were in Atlanta for a wedding and of course he didn't remember it, so we wanted to go again. It was a big hit for both boys!

Their favorite thing was to watch the whale sharks.

 I liked the dolphin show!

 And the penguins were adorable!!!

After a few hours at the aquarium, we headed to our hotel in Buckhead. I had planned for dinner Saturday night, but thought we would just wing it Friday night, and that sort of turned out to be a bad plan. I forgot how crazy Atlanta was, and Buckhead is not just loaded with places for kids to dine! We ended up at The Cheesecake Factory which I was very unhappy about because when we travel, I don't like to eat at places we can eat at everyday...but, it worked out great, the kids loved it, and they even brought Hudson out a birthday treat!

Of course we had already promised Hudson a trip to Sprinkles next door to get a treat, so he got two!
Only on your birthday!
 This little guy was full of sugar too!

 The kids were ca-razy at the hotel...why do hotels do that to kids!?! I felt bad for anyone around us! With all the sugar, they were wired. We finally got them to sleep and we all slept until 9 am the next morning (that's 8 our time, but still pretty good!). We ate an awesome breakfast at the Flying Biscuit, and then headed to Duluth to the Southeastern Train Museum. It was only about a 20 minute drive and it was great! Both boys are obsessed with trains, so it was a big hit.

 We paid extra to ride the real train, and that was a big flop. The train went forward about 30 feet, went backwards 30 feet, and then back forwards. It was pretty funny though!

 They loved looking at all the old trains and most of them we could get in so that was fun too!

 Boys will be boys...gotta find the potty and think it's the funniest thing in the world! :)

 Harrison would have watched this electric train all day long...

 The boys conned their daddy into getting them treats from the little store that was there! I little toy train for Harrison and a big train book for Hudson!

 I think Joel had fun too!

 Just doing a little cooking on the train!

 After we finished at the train museum, we headed to the zoo. We had not originally planned to go, but it ended up being a beautiful day and we wanted to be outside in it! And our membership at the Birmingham Zoo got us in for half price in Atlanta, so it was pretty cheap!

You can barely see the lions at the top of the picture below...

 The best part about the Atlanta Zoo was the gorillas. They need to share one with the Birmingham zoo so our little gorilla won't look so lonely! They had a ton of them!

 They were so active too. Two big gorillas got into it and one started to beat his chest and make these crazy noises and the boys thought that was just the coolest thing in the world! There was a lot of chest beating the rest of the day!

 They had pandas too, which were fun to watch!

 Overall, the zoo was about on par with our zoo though. I wouldn't make a special trip to go there just for the zoo, but it was a fun addition to our trip!

 The boys were WORN out by this point, but we had dinner at Maggiano's after the zoo. Hudson said he wanted spaghetti for his birthday dinner, so we thought this would be fun and good for kids too.

 We had an awesome meal. It was delish and just what Hudson wanted. He ate an entire bowl of spaghetti...every last drop. I thought for sure he was going to get sick.

And then it was back to the hotel for more craziness.

Sunday morning was LEGOLAND day! He could not wait to go! We started with Dunkin Donuts and then headed to Phipps. It was a really fun morning!

 I just love this happy face!

 They had a spot where you could build your own race car and then race it against others. Hudson spent at least an hour working on his car. And his car was FAST too! He did great! Of course I expected nothing less...he's definitely got Joel's engineer brain and building things is what he does best!

 Joel built Harrison a car too. He had so much fun too!

We saw a 3D lego show and that was great too!

 And then it was on to the lego store! Hudson had been talking about the cargo train legos for months, however, they didn't have it! We were all so sad! So, I ordered it online from the store and we let Hudson pick out something smaller to take with him. We couldn't let him leave empty handed (and yes he has us completely wrapped around his fingers!). Hudson was so overwhelmed. Way too many options! He had a really hard time deciding. He finally made his choice...

 We got to the check out and he decided he didn't want those! So, he got the Ghostbusters car instead! And, he's already put it all together! It's for a TEN year old and he put it together in a few hours!

We had one more stop before we left Atlanta--Trader Joe's! My first trip! So fun...can't wait until we get ours in Birmingham later this year!
 We had such a great time in Atlanta and Hudson was completely spoiled out of his mind! Seriously, I can't remember a birthday like that ever! Ha! It was fun having some quality time with the 4 of us since Joel has been gone so much.

We headed back home in time for Hudson to go to baseball practice, a stop by from Big Mama and Big Daddy, and then it was dinner at Migi and Pops' house! Hudson requested cookie cake, so that's what I got!

LOVE this sweet boy with all my heart!

 And Migi and Pops made him an even happier boy with MORE LEGOS!

 Harrison had a pretty great weekend too. Here he is showing me his "Grandpa" pants! :)

 And Hudson wanted me to make sure we all knew what was on the back of his new shirt that Big Mama and Big Daddy gave him!

Happy Birthday sweet boy! We had so much fun celebrating with you this weekend and can't wait to see what SIX has in store for us!

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