Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"Spring Break"

This was my view from dinner last Tuesday night...really wishing I was there tonight, enjoying a little cocktail and some good fish after spending a full day on the beach!
But no, I'm here in Birmingham working! And I was working last week in Mobile where that picture was taken! Oh well. Accountant problems!
I got home last Thursday night and then Friday morning, Harrison had his egg hunt and party at school. He has become a pro at egg hunting since this was egg hunt #3.

This is sweet Henry, Harrison's best friend from school. They are so cute!

The boys had been wearing shorts all week last week and then Friday, it was freezing! I thought I had worn my winter clothes for the last time.

 Friday afternoon, we headed up to the cabin. My parents offered to keep the boys for a few days during spring break so we all went up there for the weekend and then Joel and I came home Sunday night. It was a great weekend! The weather was chilly, but it was sunny so we couldn't complain.

 Saturday morning we headed to the Pocket to see the wildflowers in bloom. It's a pretty incredible place. The boys always love a good hike.

 Silly pictures are always more fun!

 We had lunch at Mountain Cove Farms and then headed back to the cabin. We played outside all afternoon and then had dinner at the Wildflower in Mentone. SO yummy! Mom's friend Larry Joe was playing the guitar that night and so she wanted to go support him. They originally put us in the back of the restaurant where we couldn't see or hear him. We were fine with it, but Hudson decided to take matters into his own hands and walked to the front and asked if we could move closer to Larry Joe, and sure enough, they moved us! It was hilarious! And yes, we all wanted to crawl under the table, but we were all secretly happy he did it too! He LOVES his music and he wasn't about to miss out on it. In fact, he was at our table for maybe 5 minutes the whole time. The rest of the time he was sitting right next to Larry Joe and talking to him all night! I really should have taken a picture of it! It ended up being a really late night for all of us, but we had a blast.

Sunday, we decided we would drive to Rocktown in Cherokee County to check it out. We had heard of people going there to rock climb, but didn't really know what else there was to do. Well, one look at this view was worth the drive! It was beautiful up there! Weiss Lake is down below...

 The rock climbers were out in full force and we loved watching them. It looks so hard! There were some trails that went through the rocks, so our little adventure turned into another hike. I think my parents were exhausted after all the walking, but we all had fun!

 Photo courtesy of Hudson!
We stayed for lunch and rest time and headed back to Birmingham late that afternoon. We did not want to come home, especially to go back to work. But, it was nice having a quiet ride home and a relaxing evening filled with a grocery store run and laundry. Exciting stuff!

Monday night we did take advantage and headed to Babalu for dinner. It was delicious! I really can't wait to go back and try more stuff! We had a great date night!

Mom and Dad brought the kids back tonight. They had had enough! Ha! We really appreciated the help and the time off though, even if it was only a couple of days. The boys were SO tired, so I can only imagine how tired my parents are.

Now they are going to spend a few days with Migi before I finally get a day off on Friday and hopefully we can do something fun!

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