Sunday, March 22, 2015

The Past Couple of Weeks...

Baseball is in full swing! We've now played 3 games and are 2-1. It's pretty intense and I am starting to get into it way more than I thought I would! I get SO nervous every time Hudson gets up to bat. They get 5 pitches and if they don't hit it they get to hit off the tee. So far, Hudson has only had to hit it off the tee once and that was in the very first game, so he's doing great! We are so proud of him. His team is precious and we've had a good time getting to know some new folks.
 Last week, Hudson had a PE program at school. I don't know what I was expecting, but it was the cutest thing I have ever seen! I have some pretty awesome videos that are too big to post, but Hudson was really gettin' down! Ha! It was a bunch of songs that they had choreographed dances to. You could tell that they have really been working hard on it!

 There was even square dancing involved! Took me back to my elementary school days! They still do it the same way! :)
After baseball on Saturday, we headed to see Mama Jean and go to her Easter celebration. She ended up not being able to come down with us (her leg was bothering her and she just needed to stay in her room), but the boys had such a fun time!

 The boys even got their picture made with the Easter bunny! Can check that off the list! He was just as creepy as ever!

 Then they had an Easter egg hunt. Harrison got to participate in the 1-3 age range, and there just happened to only be him and one other little girl in that group, so he lucked out and racked up!

 He found the golden egg! Woo hoo!

 Later that day, Hudson wanted to go back to the ball park and watch his buddies play (love this part about baseball!) so Joel took him back to the fields and then we went to dinner with friends afterwards. The kids were NUTS, but it was fun. I'm ready for warmer and better weather (it was kind of rainy) so we can start sitting outside again. I'm sure that restaurants are ready for that too! :)

 Today we had our Sunday school class egg hunt. The rain caused it to be moved inside, which was fine with us because we actually were able to attend because of the rain. Harrison was supposed to have soccer this afternoon and Hudson had baseball and thankfully both were canceled so we got to do one more egg hunt. I think we are done now! :)

 Harrison LOVED it.
 Can you tell?!?!
 Candy should be his middle name!

Hudson got his 20 eggs in about 2.5 seconds. Maybe faster. So fast that this was the only picture I could get. He was already done!

 Best buds with their loot.

 I think we counted over 40 kids. It's so fun watching them grow!

I'm headed out of town this week for work and then it's spring break! Well for Hudson anyway. Accountants unfortunately do not get spring break. :( Poor Hudson! We will make it up to him though!

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