Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Boo at the Zoo and More Fall Fun

We had another crazy busy weekend. It started out on Thursday night with the East Carnival. This is the elementary school's biggest fundraiser. It was an exhausting, but fun night. Sadly, I took no pictures! I have no idea why...Harrison was rocking some major blue hair that night! Ha!
On Friday, we had family pictures at 4:30. The photographer didn't arrive until 5, so that really got us behind on our evening plans, not to mention trying to keep the kids happy for an additional 30 minutes. Ugh! Hopefully they will turn out ok, but let's just say we were not happy to start the session off! They are done though, and that's all that matters! Does anyone else hate family pictures as much as I do?!?! After pictures, we grabbed a quick dinner and headed to Boo at the Zoo with the Bridges and the Stamps. It was such a fun night even though we didn't get there until 7. All of these pictures are awful, but you get the gist.
My really excited ninja turtles!
 Boo at the Zoo is laid out so much better this year than in years past! It was crowded (hello Friday night at 7 pm!), but everything was spread out so it didn't seem too bad at all.

 I'm pretty sure their favorite part was the dance party! They didn't want to leave!

 Saturday, we had another birthday party to attend in the morning. We are making the birthday party rounds this fall, that is for sure! It was at Wald Park, which is one of the boys' favorite parks, so they were in heaven.

On a side note, at the East Carnival Thursday night, Hudson bought a whoopie cushion. You would not believe the HOURS the boys have enjoyed the whoopie cushion. Boys and bathroom noises...what could be better?!?! I have much enjoyed the laughs that have come as a result. Pure happiness! Ha!

 The Robinson's came over Saturday afternoon and we played with them for a while before heading to the Etheridge's house to watch the Auburn game. We had so much fun hanging out with friends and watching Auburn win again! Needless to say, the kids barely made it home awake. They were exhausted.

Unfortunately, Hudson woke up early Sunday morning with a tummy ache, and we quickly realized it was a stomach virus. Yuck! He had to miss school yesterday AND today. A THREE day virus...it has been brutal. Hudson had to miss his first field trip today too. He was pretty sad about that. I was too. I was looking forward to hanging out with his class for the morning!

He finally turned a corner today though and seems to be feeling better so we carved our pumpkins tonight.

These would be the ones I carved...

 The boys were pretty proud of them!

 Joel carved the big one and then we took a family selfie!

Now that our pumpkins are carved, we are officially ready for Halloween!

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