Sunday, November 2, 2014


Halloween started off with Harrison's school parade and party. It was so cute! This was the first time Harrison has gotten to actually participate in the parade. He was so excited about it, but then I think he got nervous. He just kept this straight face the entire time and never looked anywhere else but right in front of him. 
 We tried to get a picture of his cute class. Apparently Harrison was the only one who got the memo to smile! Ha! Cheesing it up for sure...

 Then we came home for a while and napped before the big night!

 Unfortunately, Harrison woke up a little puny from his nap. I thought he was maybe just groggy from sleeping so hard so we pushed forward with our plans for the night, which involved going over to the Bridges to trick or treat with friends.

My little ninja turtles! These might be my favorite costumes so far.

Harrison got even more puny once we got to the Bridges. He was trying to hard to be brave and keep up with the other kids, but he finally gave up and just wanted me to hold him. He even said he wanted to go lay down on their couch, which I knew was not normal. He also started feeling warm. Joel made the executive decision to take him home, which Harrison was SO sad about. It really was heartbreaking hearing him crying and saying he didn't want to go home. I felt so bad. It was really cold out though so it was probably for the best that he went home. We did let him trick or treat for a few houses though.
The big kids ended up trick or treating for a long time and all had full buckets by the end!

Silly wig that the Mallette's brought! It worked great as a head warmer!

 Sweet friends!

 They were so hard to keep up with! They would hit a house and then sprint to the next one. At one point, the parents were all standing on the street watching kids at a house and then we all realized those weren't our kids! Whoops! It was a little crazy! We found them though. :)

We got back to the Bridges house and they all sorted their candy. We've never done this before, but Margaret said she did it after every single Halloween and so it's tradition. I have to say, Hudson loved doing it too! It made the night last a little longer, and it was fun to see what candy he got.
Surprisingly, I think the kids have only had 1 piece each since Friday night! It was like they forgot all about it on Saturday! Good thing--more chocolate for me!!!
We had a great Halloween despite Harrison getting sick. He woke up fine on Saturday so I think it's just a cold. Of all nights to feel puny though...poor buddy.
Saturday afternoon/night, Joel's cousin got married in Pell City on a farm. It was a beautiful day, but very, very cold! The actual wedding was outside. Thankfully, it was quick!
 The boys behaved very well during the ceremony. We were so thankful! They had been threatened!

 And then they danced and played the night away at the reception...

 The wedding and reception were at a really beautiful farm and we had such a great time visiting with family and celebrating John and Rebekah. Congrats to the newlyweds!

Joel and I had DVR'd the Auburn game and decided we would go "unplugged" until we got home last night. We did pretty well...of course we heard about some of it, but that was to be expected. We got home and then watched the entire game and wow, it was a good one! So glad we won!

Anyway, another great weekend in the books. We have NOTHING to do next weekend and I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am about that! However, if a certain little niece would decide to make her arrival this week, I plan to be California bound! Come on, Rooney!!! We are ready to meet you!

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