Monday, October 13, 2014

A Little Birthday Party and The Wizard of Oz

We had a little birthday party at the park to celebrate this 3 year old on Saturday morning.
The weather was just perfect!
 We had a balloon man come to the park as a little something extra, and that was a big hit. There were no limits to what they could get, so we came home with several garbage bags full of balloon animals, aliens, dinosaurs, swords, and Olaf the snowman! One of the little girls went home with literally every single Disney princess. It was so cute!

 We loved the new Cam's Corner area of the park!

Harrison couldn't wait to blow out his candle, but unfortunately the wind beat him to it every time! Bless his heart!

Some of his sweet friends!

I think we can now put Harrison's third birthday in the books! A full 10 days of celebrating and we are officially done! You know it's bad when you tell him it's birthday party day and he tells you he already had his birthday. Oh well!
We did have his 3 year old check up this past week and he was 35.6 pounds (90-95th percentile) and 36.3 inches tall (90-95th percentile). He's still HUGE...but proportionally huge! :) I'm very glad that he now at least looks his age and I don't have to tell people that he's 2 anymore. I got some crazy looks before. We are still having ear issues--after having the surgery a month ago to drain the fluid from his ears (which cost an arm and a leg by the way), he already has fluid back there again that is causing him discomfort. Frustrated is not even the word for it! But other than ears, we have a healthy boy, so we are thankful for that! Up next is potty training! This sweet boy has absolutely NO desire to do it so I'm going to have to get a little more serious about it!
Since much of our focus has been on Harrison the past couple of weeks, I decided to take Hudson on a Mommy/Hudson date to see The Wizard of Oz at the Children's Theater yesterday. Our friends, the Stephens, joined us, and we had so much fun! Hudson and Reese loved the play, but I think they may have had more fun telling Carroll and I that they were getting married--ha! Not yet buddy!!

 The lion was Hudson's favorite! He was so funny!

 We loved the tin man too.

We had a fun afternoon! We love supporting the Children's Theater!

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