Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend in Nashville

We spent this past weekend in Nashville with Jordan and Anna. We had such a blast! They just bought a new house in Franklin and we were dying to see it, and see them too, especially since they've been there a year and we had not even been up to visit.
I think if Hudson ever needs glasses, he's going to look cute in them! Ha! He "borrowed" these from Anna!
 My little stud!

 One of the main reasons we headed to Nashville this weekend (other than visiting J and A) was to see Frozen on Ice! Harrison is OBSESSED with Frozen. He would watch it every day if we let him...and this has been going on for months. So back in the summer when I heard it was going to be in Nashville the day after his birthday, I just knew it was meant to be! The show wasn't originally slated to come through Birmingham....of course a few weeks after we bought the tickets, we found out they had added Birmingham in May 2015 (and tickets go on sale November 1st for all those wanting to go!). It really was such a good show, even if Elsa did bust it on her big "Let it Go" song. :)

 We survived the show by only purchasing a $12 bag of cotton candy, which came with the Olaf hat. I'd say we did pretty good!

Saturday morning, we headed to the pumpkin patch in Franklin. It was a chilly morning and finally felt like fall! Perfect day for the pumpkin patch.

 We saw some chickens too, some of which were "wrestling" so to speak. Hudson asked Jordan what they were doing, and he said they were mating, and of course, Hudson says, "What does mating mean?" at the top of his lungs. Jordan just said that it means they were making eggs! We got a lot of looks for sure!

 Our adorable hosts for the weekend!

 We made it through the corn maze!

 Yep...add it to my snake count. I can run into a snake anywhere.

I love this picture of Joel and Jordan and the boys. The boys just ADORE Jordan and Anna, and they are so good with them. They are going to make the best parents someday!

 Tractor riding...

 And finally we picked our pumpkins...we never get to go to the pumpkin patch early in the season where the pumpkins are actually still on the stalk, so this was a new experience! We are usually picking the ones they probably purchased from the grocery store and had thrown in the field! Ha!

 Love this boy...

 Harrison had pretty much lost it by the time we got in the patch and refused to be put down, so he's not in any of the patch pictures. Boo! Jordan and Anna gave us a new word for this--hangry--he was hungry and angry (and sleepy too!). He was there though, and he did pick a big pumpkin!

After the pumpkin patch, we ate lunch at Puckett's, which was awesome. Harrison had a hush puppy come on his plate, and at first he said he didn't want it so I moved it to another plate. A little while later, he started asking where his dog was. We could not figure out what he was talking about until he pointed to his hush puppy! So funny!

Then we headed back home to watch football the rest of the day. What a great day of football it was!

The kids got creative....Harrison is walking the dog.

We came home early Sunday in time for Hudson's football game. It was a great weekend and we can't wait to go visit again! There's so much I want to do in Franklin...what a cute little town it is! Thank you to Jordan and Anna for being such wonderful hosts and being so gracious, especially when you got 7 am wake up calls each morning by two little munchkins ready to play with their aunt and uncle!

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