Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake Fun

We had such a fun time this past weekend. The weather was incredible! It is so hard to believe that it is August. We spent Friday at home and then headed to the lake Saturday morning. Joel and I had a wedding to go to in Gadsden Saturday night, so Joel's parents were going to keep Hudson at the lake since it is near Gadsden.

Wouldn't you like to wake up every morning with this view???

We did a lot of rocking on the porch with Migi!

And swinging on the swing! This is Hudson's favorite thing to do!

As you can see, he loves his grandmother! He got a lot of quality time with her this weekend!

The wedding we went to was for my co-worker Ashleigh, and it was beautiful! She looked gorgeous. They are enjoying a great week in St. Lucia this week, and I am SO jealous!!! I know I had a honeymoon once too, but for some reason I always get this jealous feeling when other people get married and go on their honeymoons! I think I need a vacation, right?!?!? We were supposed to head down to the beach this coming up weekend, but we have decided not to go. It is so hard to pack for the beach for just a weekend. Next year, we are going for a week at a time I think. I always thought it was nice to go down for several long weekends instead of just one long week, but with a child things are different!

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