Friday, August 14, 2009

Anyone Lost a Shoe...or a Jetta???

Size 7 1/2, Naturalizer...

Nasty, stinky, flip flop...

Both found in our backyard this morning.
And this...

was found 10 feet from our fence in the backyard.
We had an eventful night last night! This is the FOURTH car that has gone rolling off Sicard Hollow Road and ended up right behind our fence. I'm so worried that one day a car is going to keep rolling into our backyard and possibly into our house! In addition to the four cars, we have had a 18 wheeler lose its trailer in the same spot, and two motorcycles that have gone flying. It is apparently not a very safe curve!
Anyway, back to last night. Joel woke up at 1 am and heard some voices. He got up and looked out all the windows, but couldn't determine where they were coming from. He then heard a car drive off, but never saw anything. Then, at about 2 am (while Hudson was making his nightly wake up call!), there were two cop cars behind our house shining flashlights. We couldn't see the car at that point, but we knew something was happening.
Then, fast forward to this morning when we found our gate to our backyard wide open, and then saw the car that had rolled off the road. And then, we found the shoes! Only one of each though. We can only assume how messed up/drunk the people were last night. They must have jumped our fence and lost some shoes in the process, run down our yard and out our fence, where someone picked them up. Those were obviously the voices that Joel heard. We are shocked that we didn't hear the car come down off the road. Normally, it is so loud! We actually had to go back there one time and make sure the guy was ok because his car landed upside down. I guess everyone was ok. So, if anyone knows who these shoes belong to, let us know because their car is still behind our house!!!
I couldn't do a post without putting up pictures of Hudson, so here are a couple of recent ones. We are SO enjoying having Carrie in town this weekend. I will do a post later about that! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. That is too funny! Hopefully they will return for their car at least!