Sunday, August 9, 2009


Joel and I had a cookout last night with some of our friends. We planned it last minute, so we were so glad we had such a good turnout! Hopefully, we can do something fun for the kiddos next year if we do it again! We ate SO much. We had bacon swiss dip, buffalo chicken dip, and mason dixon dip for appetizers. Then, we ate hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad, and baked beans for the main dish. And then, as if we had not eaten enough already, we had symphony brownies, regular brownies, snickers and peanut butter cookies, AND sopapilla cheesecake for dessert. Oh and I must mention the fabulous margaritas. They were delicious!!! We all had tummy aches! Ha! It was so good though and the best part was the company. We don't do as much socially as we used to so when we do get to hang out with our friends, we treasure every minute of it! Thanks to everyone who came and let's do it again soon! Here are some pictures from the cookout.

Cooper, Hudson, and Ashlynn hanging out. This was the best group picture we could do!

Aunt Cameron and Hudson.

Cameron, Jennifer, me, and Kristen all having fun! I look pretty rough in the picture...I need to do something with my hair, and that outfit is hideous and unflattering! Oh well, everyone else looked really cute! Notice the skinny arm that Kristen is showing. This is apparently the new "sorority pose!" So funny!

Cooper and Hudson fighting over a toy. I think Cooper won most of the time. Hudson didn't really have a clue what was going on! He wasn't too thrilled when she took his passy though. But, you can see below that he got it back!

Most of the girls...missing a few here, but it is still cute! Notice the skinny arm again! Haha, Kristen will probably be mad at me for calling her out!

Hunter and Hudson. Hunter is so cute with Hudson. Before he even got all the way in the door, he was holding Hudson. Most guys aren't like that! It was so sweet! We can't wait for Hunter and Lauren to have a little one!

The next few pictures are ones of Cooper (and me playing with the new camera!). She was so fun to take pictures of because she is SO photogenic! I think we have about 50 pictures on the camera of just Cooper! We will get those to you, Jenn!

Look at my two teefies!!!

It's pretty sad that I didn't get any pictures of the guys. They probably didn't want their pictures taken anyway, but I promise they were there! Thanks to Joel for grilling up some fabulous hamburgers and hotdogs and for everyone else that contributed with the dips and desserts. It was SOOO GOOD!!!

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