Monday, May 22, 2017

The Rest of March

Well I'm tired of looking at my gray headed 8 year old Thomas Edison, so it's time for a new post. And I have over 300 pictures that I've taken since the beginning of March, so this is a little bit daunting! I will keep it short on this one because the rest of March was either pretty quiet, or I just don't remember anything that we did!
Our days/nights/weekends were filled with baseball. Every.single.night. Whew. We loved it, but we love that it is over too! :)

March is still busy season for me at work, and Joel was out of town for a few weeks that month as well, but we did get to go to the cabin for a few days at the end of spring break. Since our pups don't get much air time, here's one of my cute riding buddy, Chloe!

 We went down to the lake one day and checked on the progress of the new house. It's going to be amazing once it's finally done--which may take another year! :)

Carrie and Rooney joined us at the cabin and we drove over to the Pocket one day to see all the wildflowers in bloom.

April is up next!

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