Wednesday, May 24, 2017


We had a great Easter this year! The Easter bunny showed up, which was very surprising to Harrison because he was thinking that he had not been good enough for the Easter bunny this year. We never said anything about the Easter bunny not coming though! He just had it in his mind that he had not been a model little boy lately! :) It was like Christmas morning when he saw his little basket full though (the Easter bunny doesn't bring much--if it can't fit in a basket, it's not showing up on Easter Sunday!).

Why does he look so OLD in this picture!?!?!

 After a few obligatory pictures, it was off to church!

My family joined us for lunch at our house. Now that I am finally getting to host family gatherings, I brought out the Blue Willow china that Joel's grandmother gave us as a wedding present almost 12 years ago. She passed away shortly before we got married. I love this china and was so happy to finally get it out of the box! Shame on me for waiting this long!

 We had a little egg hunt too!
 Things were going SO well...
 Everyone was happy...
 Until Harrison found the golden egg! I did not even realize that Hudson was in the background until after I took these pictures.
 He was SO upset!!!
He threw his basket and stomped off, going inside, and locking himself in his room. He even missed lunch! It was hilarious...he may have gotten some of my competitive spirit! :)

The golden egg had about $1 in it. It was not high stakes at all. And, the boys were the one to fill it up so they knew what was in it! Haha!

My family ended up staying half the afternoon. It was such a beautiful day and we spent most of it playing in the yard! Hudson did finally come around. I can assure you that there will be no more golden eggs in our near future though!

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