Friday, March 10, 2017

Our Little Thomas Edison Turns EIGHT!

Hudson turned 8 on March 1st! I can't believe Joel and I have been parents for 8 years. It still literally feels like yesterday that he was born.
His class had their "Living Museum" presentations on his birthday, so for Hudson, that was extra fun! He picked Thomas Edison, which turned out to be perfect for him. I think he and Thomas Edison would have been great friends! They definitely have similar "engineer" brains! Ha! Hudson did all the research though which included reading multiple books, wrote a 2 page paper, and wrote a speech. It was a lot of work for him.
On the day of his birthday, he was up bright and early and ready to be Thomas Edison for the day! We even sprayed his hair gray although you can't really tell in the picture below.
He had a donut tower for breakfast...this was all I could come up with. Joel was out of town and having to get everyone ready that morning to drive carpool was pretty much chaos. But, we did sing to him and let him blow out the candle! He opened one present too!
Parents were invited to attend the Living Museum and watch the kids do their speeches. It was great! I was SO proud of Hudson! His speech was hilarious and he had so much inflection in his voice while he was saying it that it was just perfect! All of the kids did great! I definitely learned a lot about some famous Americans!

When we got home that evening, Hudson begged to open another gift! Joel didn't want him opening everything without him being home, but I just couldn't say no when he wanted to open "just one more!" We ended up celebrating the big 8 for several days!

The Reed's took the boys and me to Johnny Rockets that night. It's sort of turned into a birthday tradition. They love that place! Anna and Lilla joined us too, so that was extra fun!

 Joel got home the next day, so we celebrated that night again with more gifts, open house at school, pizza, and cake!
 This is a little hard to read, but one of my favorites from open house! I love the little picture too!

 The birthday boy requested strawberry cake! I'm glad he doesn't care a lick about it being pink...he wanted what he wanted!

Happy Birthday sweet Hudson! We are so proud of the big boy you are becoming!!!

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