Friday, October 21, 2016

Harrison Turns FIVE!

On October 2nd, Harrison turned FIVE years old!! I cannot believe it. It has been the fastest five years of my life. The day before his actual birthday, we had a little monster truck party for him. At his request, he wanted a bounce house in the yard and only his best boy friends. No girls allowed! I let him pick the bounce house and he quite literally picked the biggest one out there! It was enormous!!!

It had a bounce house on the inside and it also had a slide! Super fun for a bunch of wild and crazy boys!
 Harrison was very proud to be turning five!

 Thankfully it ended up being a beautiful day and he had a great turn out at his party. Football season birthdays are hard, but it worked out!

 I did not snap many pictures at all. It was a very low key party and the boys just played and played. I'm pretty sure they all had good rest time that afternoon!

 It was next to impossible to get everyone to eat, much less have the boys come sing Happy Birthday! We had a few gather around, no telling where the rest of them were!

 I also let Harrison pick out the cake. Wouldn't have been my choice, but he loved it! It did taste good!

 We had the bounce house all day and the boys and their friends spent hours on it. It was sad when they came to take it away!
Later that afternoon, we had present time.

We surprised the boys with a trip to Disney World and told them we were leaving the next day. Harrison has told everyone for several years now that he was going back to Disney World when he turned 5, and so we just had to make it happen! We did video it, but it wasn't nearly the reaction we were expecting. They were both just like, "Ok, great, let's play with the toys I got!" Haha, oh well!

Hudson did have a little delayed reaction and did a little dance, but that was all! I don't think it really hit them until the excitement started the next day!

Next up, Day 1 at Disney!

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