Friday, September 30, 2016


Well here it is, September 30th, and I haven't blogged about anything since Labor Day. We have been SO busy and I'm not sure it is going to slow down anytime soon. Honestly, the only reason why I am blogging tonight is because I am cleaning off my phone because we have a special secret trip coming up on Sunday! Stay tuned for that...maybe in December I'll blog about it, ha!
Anyway, September started with a beach trip for me. Fun times! I always knew that the fall was the best time to go and this just confirmed it. It was still super hot, but not crowded at all.

The boys are staying busy with fall sports. Harrison is playing soccer and is doing so well. It is his third season to play, so everything has finally clicked. He loves it. He's scored multiple goals each game, which is fun to see. And we've figured out that he is our competitive one. While they don't technically keep score, little Harrison does!

One of his best buddies, Luca, is on his team and that has made it so much fun!

Hudson is doing cub scouts for the first time. In fact, Joel and Hudson are on their first camp out tonight and I am dying to hear how it is going! It is SUCH a sweet group of boys (and dads!) that are doing cub scouts and I think it's going to be really fun for Hudson and Joel.

Hudson is also playing flag football. He wanted to try it out again and he's having fun, but not sure this will make the fall list next year. I'm proud of him for giving it another go though!

I'm playing softball! It feels so good to be back on the field! I might be a little rusty (and certainly WAY out of shape!), but we are having so much fun. Our Sunday school class decided to get a team together this year and we call ourselves the Bad News Believers, which has been pretty true! :) We finally won our first game on Thursday night and you would have thought we won the lottery! We honestly do not care if we win or lose and that's what makes it fun. And we certainly enjoy the fellowship during our pre-game tailgates! (We're Methodist, it's ok! Ha!)
 More soccer pics...

Harrison had Pirate and Princess Day at school last Friday! Joel and I were BOTH out of town last week for work and so the kids were with Joel's parents and wouldn't you know, Hudson would come down with the stomach bug that would last for days and days. Anyway, I got home Wednesday night, Hudson had to miss school for the third day that week on Thursday so we were pretty much homebound, but thankfully we were able to hit up Party City real quick and they had a $10 pirate costume that made this little boy pretty darn happy for Friday's special day. What a week!

 Harrison's best buddy, Carter!
 Hudson is also playing baseball this fall. It's only on Sunday afternoons, so it's very low key and perfect. It's been super hot though...the games are at Liberty Park this fall and I think that their fields are absolutely the hottest place on earth!

Oh and we've mastered climbing up the door frame!

Impressive, huh!?!?

Hudson had his first orthodontist appointment this past week and unfortunately, we are in for a long and expensive ride with Hudson's teeth! :) He can thank me as I had the same issues, but I'm feeling pretty sorry for Hudson and his mouth for the next year. He will have an expander for 4 months followed by braces for 4 months, and then braces probably again at 12! Yikes! Having good teeth ranks pretty high up on my list though, so it will be worth it!

Sweet Harrison got the same stomach bug this week that Hudson had last week. It was really just fever for him with some stomach issues, not nearly to the extent that Hudson had it, but he also missed three days this week. He is finally better though, just in time because he turns FIVE this weekend...I can't believe it...wasn't he just a baby?!?! We are celebrating him with a monster truck party tomorrow--his request. He wanted a bouncy and only boys. Easy peasy! Ha! Be back soon!

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