Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Disney, Day 2 - Hollywood Studios!

We spent Day 2 at Hollywood Studios. This was the one park last time that we really did not love all that much, but I am so glad we spent the whole day here this trip. We really enjoyed it, especially Hudson! I think Star Wars has a lot to do with it. It was like Star Wars blew up on this park. 

And Star Wars was the main reason why we wanted to take the boys the first day because we just knew that they would love the Jedi Training. We got there as soon as the park opened (well maybe 10 or so minutes after give or take) and headed immediately to the sign up. They were already FULL for the day! :( We had some sad boys. The guy said that it never fills up as fast as it did on that day. We ran into someone later in the day that had gotten to the park at 7:15 that morning to get in line (park doesn't open until 9). So I guess we missed that memo. We promised the boys we would do it another day, but honestly, after seeing the other kids doing it, they weren't all that dying to do it anymore. And I really wasn't dying to be at the park at 7:15 am to wait in line for an hour and 45 minutes for five minutes of fighting Darth Vader! 

We had breakfast reservations at Hollywood & Vine as soon as we got there. Harrison really still enjoys the Disney Jr. shows and characters, so we knew he would love this. What we didn't know is that Hudson would still love it as much as he did! 

Then it was on to our fast pass for Star Tours!

We did the Great Movie Ride after Star Tours and then it was on to the Frozen Sing Along. Harrison loves Frozen. He won't admit it anymore, in fact, tells you he strongly dislikes it, but he actually does love it. He did not sing a single word even though he knows them all, but when we planned to get up a few minutes early so we could make it to the Indiana Jones Stunt show, Harrison said no way! He was not leaving! I think this smile tells it all...

Hudson and Joel went on to the Indiana Jones show and we were actually able to sneak in and see it too when Frozen was over! We all loved it!

Then it was on to the Toy Story ride, our favorite in Hollywood Studios! Joel and Hudson crushed Harrison in me in score, but we all had so much fun!

 We took a few photos at some point that afternoon!

It was then time for the Tower of Terror! Joel refused to ride it, so it was the boys and me. Looking back on it, Harrison was probably a little too young for this one, but he willingly did it! Just didn't "willingly" do it again! :)

I forgot how scary this ride is. I hate free falls. Why I took my two little boys on it, I will never know! We were all a bit terrified! I was more worried about them as you can see in the picture below!

 Harrison got off the ride and said he liked it, but that he never wanted to ride it again! :)

I really cannot remember what else we did that afternoon, but we ate dinner at Mama Melrose and it was SO good! No pictures, but just imagine good ole' italian food. Yum!

After dinner, Harrison and Joel called it a night and went back to the hotel, and Hudson and I had a little night fun and went to the Rock N Rollercoaster. I knew Hudson, my daredevil child, would love this ride. He thought it was so awesome that once we got off the ride, we immediately got back in line and did it again!!! Thankful for fast passes and short lines on this night! He loved the thrill! It's a good one for sure!

I really wanted to stay for the Fantasmic show, but since Joel and Harrison had already left (I forgot to mention that Joel had a touch of the stomach bug that day that the boys both had and wasn't feeling all that hot), and Hudson said he was ready to go too, I didn't push it. I knew sleep was just as important, especially this early in our trip! So, we headed out too.

We had such a fun day! Next up, our day at the Magic Kingdom!

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