Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wrapping Up February

Yes, it is March 15th and I'm adding pictures from the rest of February. It is busy season, after all, and I'm working more than I ever have worked before. It is fun times I tell you! I did already blog about Hudson's March 1st birthday, so that's pretty good! 

Anyway, I thought this was the sweetest picture of the boys on Valentine's Day. We went to church that day and Hudson had baseball and that's pretty much it! Nothing too exciting! 

 We had a super quick trip to the lake one weekend. Joel's mom was going to keep the boys for us because we had plans with our Sunday school class that Saturday night, and she decided to go up to the lake because Jordan, Anna, and baby Lilla needed a change of scenery. So we drove the boys to the lake, got to love on baby Lilla, and left them there for the night! Win win! :)

 They are still baby obsessed!
 And what boy doesn't love wide open spaces!?!? We had a great day.

 And then Joel and I had a great night out that night at the bowling alley with our Sunday school class!
I was in charge of planning this social and I decided we needed to make it a competition (I'm the most competitive person ever--there is NO way I could just bowl for fun!). I divided everyone into teams and then we had a team winner, guy winner, girl winner, and worst bowler of the night, Dollar Tree prize style.

Below is yours truly, aka best "Bowlerina" of the night :) with the most "Fabuloso" guy and "Gutter Baller" of the night! It was so much fun!!!

 Hudson is my seafood lover and one night towards the end of February we decided to make Bang Bang shrimp (from Bonefish). Hudson loves to help out in the kitchen and always wants to help make dinner, so I had him doing a lot of the work. It was going to be messy anyway, but he sort of added to it. :) I wouldn't have it any other way. He is my little buddy! And by the way, the shrimp was amazing!!!

 More of Harrison's first t-ball experience to come!!! We are in full swing!

 The boys had a couple of days off around President's Day and one day the weather was amazing and the boys have really been wanting to ride their bikes, so we headed out to do that. Harrison didn't make it very far on his bike, but he was still cute!

 We have been cracking up over the Switch Faces app. This was Harrison's Beyonce face...

 And this was Joel and me with switched faces. I cannot look at this picture and not laugh. Maybe we don't need that little girl after all if she's going to get Joel's genes--ha! :)

More to come SOON! Baseball, baseball, and more baseball! And a really great doctor's report for Joel!

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