Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Baseball Has Begun!

Baseball is in full swing already! Hudson has already played 5 games and Harrison has played 3 so far. It's busy, busy, busy! Both boys are having so much fun!

Harrison is playing t-ball for the first time this year in the 4 year old league. It's mass chaos. They all run for the ball as soon as it is hit and you never know where the batter is going to run after they hit it and chances are that the bat will still be in their hands! It's precious. Harrison is so happy it is finally his turn and he asks every day if it is t-ball day. They only play on Saturdays which is nice!

 Just doing a little hopping on the bases!

 Little cutie!

Hudson is playing in the big leagues now! Ha! It is serious! It makes my hands sweat every time he gets up to bat. They are playing 3 strikes and 3 outs this year and the kids totally get it now. Hudson is doing great batting. He has hit several triples and doubles, and he's had a few strikeouts too. He's still trying to figure out the fielding. I think he's in la-la land half of the time! :) I have to remind myself a lot that they are only 7!

One of the best parts of the t-ball is when they see their friends. Harrison was on second base when Lydia came running across the field for a big hug. Talk about making the mamas hearts melt!

 Love spending our days at the ball park!

It's great that the boys are the two teams that I grew up loving, the Cubs and the Braves! Looking forward to a fun rest of the season for both!

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