Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Just a Little Update on Life

It is sad that I have not done one single update since Disney World. We have been SO busy though. We are moving on Saturday! You sure wouldn't know it if you came to our house though. Wow, we have a lot to do. And I'm sitting here blogging. It's a lot more fun than packing. Plus, I'm not all that excited about moving. Well, I was excited about moving to our perfect dream house in our dream location, but as it turns out, it doesn't exist. So, we are moving in with my parents instead! For now. Very temporarily...I hope. :) Thankfully, they are using our moving in with them as an excuse to go live in Mentone for a while! It's a win win! Ha!
So anyway, here's an update on the past month or so....
After we got back from Disney World, the following Monday I had to go to Vegas for a week for a conference. It was an ok conference, but we had a fun time while we were there and even went and saw One (the Michael Jackson show). I was so glad to be home at the end of the week though. Two weeks gone was enough!
T-ball ended with their best game yet. Isn't it sad that the season always ends when they finally start to "get it"? It was a great year and Hudson really liked it.
 We had a little team party after our last game.

 Coach Tim saved a game ball from each game and gave one to each kid. It was so special! And of course Hudson was thrilled to have earned his 4th trophy! I'm not sure how he does it, but somehow each trophy ends up in his pillow case nightly. How does one sleep with trophies in their pillow? I have no idea.

 Sweet buddies!

My friend Megan and I played in the Vestavia Country Club Member/Guest tennis tournament and we won it! Megan and I grew up playing sports so it was fun to get together again...we've still got it! I could not move the next day, however! Ha!

We went to the lake for Memorial Day weekend. The guys worked all weekend on the farm, so there wasn't a whole lot of play time, but we did squeeze in a little swimming.

 The boys loved swimming under the dock to the other side. I would never do that...you know that's where all the snakes live! :)

 We found a puppy on the farm! His name is Sam and he's currently living with the Reed's. He's a german shepard mix and is SO cute. It is really a shame that someone would just dump this little guy. I think he lucked out though!

 Harrison rode all over the farm on the 4 wheeler. He was in heaven!

 I realized that most of these pictures are of Harrison. Well, I hardly saw Hudson. He was always off doing something! I had a glimpse of life of when he's 12 I think. Not sure I like it!

 Then he came back to age 5 and here he is with his helmet on riding home. We are all about safety first!

 We've had a lot (I mean, A LOT) of nights looking at houses, therefore, lots of trips to the grandparents for these guys. They have been troopers so far. We are thankful for our village.

 We had a garage sale and I was pretty bummed that my old Justin Timberlake bobblehead didn't sell. Ha! Actually, I found this while we were going through stuff that day and decided to hold it back for a dirty Santa party or something like that. Actually, I checked Ebay first to see how much it was worth because clearly it is a collectible, but these one of a kind special edition bobblehead was only worth about $10. Bummer. Unfortunately, I dropped it and it broke in a million pieces. Sorry Justin.

 Vodka and diaper boxes...story of my life! Ha! I thought it was pretty ironic that Hudson picked these two boxes to play with! He has been such a sweet helper. I'm not sure he really realizes that we are leaving this house forever.

 Check out Harrison's form! He's going to be a baller I think. We've been playing a lot of basketball lately. We might have to try it for Hudson in the fall/winter!

 Saturday we went to Home Depot. On the first Saturday of every month, they have a kids day and they build something. This weekend it was a riding tractor. The boys loved it! And that is my niece Morgan, who we were watching that morning. We sure were happy to have some extra hands around!

 And we had to visit Coach Mike! He is the kids' Playball instructor at school and they just love him!

On Sunday, baby Nolan got baptized at church! I wish I had taken a picture of that sweet baby, but I didn't. He was well loved on though! We had lunch at Gail and Ted's afterwards and I tried to get a picture of the boys in front of their pretty flowers. It turned out really well. Ha!

So there's life over the past month! Once we get this weekend over with, Carrie is coming into town the next weekend (and I will have some very exciting news to share!!!), and then hopefully we can slip off to the beach at some point! We could definitely use some vacation! Oh and maybe at some point we will buy our dream house before my parents kick us out. :)

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