Monday, June 30, 2014

Birthday Party Filled Weekend

We had a super busy weekend. First of all, Hudson had to write his first apology note to Big Momma for breaking her window...her stained glass window to be exact. You know, the one that was CUSTOM made. And it is costing us a small fortune to have fixed. We are grateful though to have found someone to fix it because most of the people we called said they would have to replace the whole thing, which would have really cost us a fortune.

My mom came into town Thursday and we kept Morgan Thursday night, which was really fun. We've seen a lot of Morgan lately and it has been awesome! Friday, we went swimming at Old Overton and then mom decided all on her own that we should go to Chuck E Cheese! I had actually been wanting to go, but not by myself so I was glad she wanted to do this. It was a huge hit. We went to the one on 280, which is pretty new, so it was very clean, the pizza was decent, and was not expensive at all. The kids had a blast!

Saturday morning started with Ella's 5th birthday at The Egg & I. It was a pajama party and they ate pancakes and had a magician. It was so cute! Hudson is still talking about how they made the rabbit appear.

 We had some errands to run, which included haircuts and then we went and saw Mama Jean. She's at Lakeshore right now getting some rehab. The boys were really, really sweet with her and gave her a lot of attention.

 After naps, we headed to the Barons game for Cooper's 5th birthday party. We have been wanting to get out there this year, but had not made it yet. We had a blast! Of course all Harrison wanted to do was the jumpies and slides! I did not see one pitch of the game, nor could I tell you who was winning when we left, but I know we all had a good time regardless!

Hudson literally ran laps in the grass, wrestled, and played the entire night with his buddies. I have never seen a kid so tired (and so sweaty!). And by the way, if you are planning a birthday party at the Barons game, the cupcakes are Dreamcakes. It was worth the trip just for the cupcake! Ha!

 Right after the picture below, it started raining and we RAN out as fast as we could! Ha! We were pretty soaked by the time we got to the car. What a fun night it was though!

 And now we are here...

 In paradise!

I brought the boys down yesterday and we are having some mommy/son time for a few days before Joel gets here for the long weekend. We are SO glad to be here. The trip down was surprisingly easy even though the boys only slept from Clanton to Montgomery (about 30 minutes!). They were troopers!

We started the day out today with a trip down to Alys Beach for some donuts!

Excited for a fun week!

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