Friday, May 23, 2014

Disney, Day 4

We were up bright and early on day 4 to go to an 8 am breakfast with the Disney Jr. pals at Hollywood Studios (which means we had to be at the bus by 7--early!!!). The kids did surprisingly well. They could not wait to see Jake!
 I love this picture!
This was our favorite character meal because the characters actually sang and danced too (in addition to coming around to each table), and the kids were invited to join in. It was just a lot more interactive.

First up was Sophia! My boys love Sophia! :) Her head was humongous...

 Then, it was the main event for them...Jake! Harrison always wakes up STARVING, so he was not about to give up his breakfast for pictures with the characters.

 Don't worry, he was happy!

Doc McStuffins is also a favorite in our house too!

 I'm not even sure when Handy Manny even comes on tv anymore, but Hudson did know who he was so we must have watched him at some point before! Hudson loved how he wore his tool belt...just like his Pops!
 Then, it was onto Toy Story Mania, which was definitely a favorite ride for all of us.

 I sat with Harrison and he caught on so quickly to how to shoot! He scored a good bit of points!

 We found Sulley and Mike at Hollywood Studios...we first had to take a picture of the sign in their room. This was our motto! Ha!

 We all love Monsters Inc. so I was glad we were able to see them! They weren't able to autograph our books, but we had fun giving them hugs and taking pictures with them.

After that, Hudson and Joel went and rode Star Tours while Harrison and I went and played in the Honey I Shrunk the Kids playground. Harrison had so much fun playing, and Hudson really liked Star Tours! He kept asking Joel if they were really in space! And ever since then, he's been asking to watch Star Wars. We skipped out on the Jedi training this trip because Hudson has never even seen the movie, but it looks like we won't be able to skip it next time!

 We ate lunch at Pizza Planet (from Toy Story of course!) and Hudson played his first ever arcade game. I told Hudson all he had to do was pop a quarter in there and it would work...I guess times have obviously changed since now it costs SIX quarters to play! Geez!

 There was not a ton at Hollywood Studios for our two boys to do, so we had decided early on that it would be our day to leave after lunch and make the boys take a nap. They had done so well, but we knew they were going to lose it eventually, and guess what, Harrison LOST it on the bus ride back to the hotel! It was a major meltdown over who knows what and he screamed the entire way back. It was actually pretty humorous because everyone on the bus was kind of laughing at him, giving us the "we've been there before" talk with their overtired kids. It was bound to happen, and we could not believe that we made it all the way to Wednesday before it did!

 We ALL took a great nap, and when we woke up, the kids had been begging to go swim in our hotel pool, so we did that for a little while. It had a water slide, which both boys loved. After that, we decided we wanted to go back to Epcot to watch the laser light show and try to get in at the Coral Reef restaurant. We weren't able to get in, but we found something decent enough and then watched the show. It was great! We were so glad we went back for that.

This was a good day. It was definitely more relaxing than the others, which was much needed for all of us to re-energize before our last full day of the trip.

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