Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Disney, Day 2

We headed back to the Magic Kingdom on Day 2. There is just SO much to do there! Right at the entrance to Magic Kingdom, there is a train that rides around the outside of the whole park, and of all the things to do, they wanted to ride on it first!

 Then, we headed into Fantasyland for the day. You really can't do it all in one day, so we picked various parts of the park to do each day and it worked out well. The other thing we learned quickly was that if you get to the park early, there is no need for a fast pass. So, we ended up changing all of our fast passes that our travel person had set up for us to later in the day to save them. It is all about being strategic! Ha! Having the Disney app on my phone really made this so easy. I don't know how you do it without it!

Love his little dimple!
We started with Peter Pan, which was a blast. The boys love Peter Pan and it was a fun ride for them!

We loved Dumbo! Harrison will tell you it was his favorite ride. What we loved most about it was that in the middle of the line, there is a play area and you get a beeper once you get to that point and the kids can play until your beeper goes off and it's time to ride. And the best thing about the play area was that it was inside and air conditioned!

We did "It's a Small World" (aka most boring ride ever!), but the kids loved it and Harrison danced the entire time. He was so serious while he did it, so I had to take a video! This kid cracks me up. Beware...you will have the song in your head the rest of the day!

We did the teacups! Harrison was about to lose it before we got on this ride, but you can see he recovered quickly!

Then it was lunchtime and we had a fast pass for Be Our Guest. It was lunch in the Beast's castle, which the boys LOVED. Although they kept thinking the beast and Belle were going to come out so every little noise they heard they got all excited...so that was a bit of a let down that there weren't any real characters in there, but the food was delicious and there was even a room that had the real rose in it. I thought the coolest thing here was that you place your order sort of up at the front, and they give you a rose. You sat at any table and somehow, the waiters found you (using the rose obviously!). It was really neat...and if you asked how they did that, they all told you it was magic. :)

We thought Harrison might want to take a little snooze after lunch so we decided to head back to the hotel (again, trying to stay on top of sleep--he would NOT sleep in the stroller!). Here we are on the boat ride! See the beautiful sky...the weather was just like this the entire time we were there. Never saw a cloud!

Naptime was a complete failure so after about an hour of trying, we headed back to the park! They were just too excited and actually Harrison was doing great.

We went back to Fantasyland to do Goofy's Barnstormer ride, which was a small rollercoaster and Harrison could do it. He LOVED it!
I think we rode this 3 times while we were there!
Then, we knew we wanted to do Tomorrowland at night, so we headed that way and did the Tomorrowland speedway first. It was so fun! Hudson was a terrible driver! Ha!
And we did the Buzz Lightyear ride! It was a hit!
Joel got a little too serious with this one. So much for letting Harrison shoot! I love Harrison's little face here though!
 After the Buzz Lightyear ride, it was time for Space Mountain! Joel did not want Hudson to ride Space Mountain. He thought it would terrify him and ruin the rest of the trip. But, Hudson was insistent on it. So, Joel went with him first and I have to say, I was a little nervous. Hudson LOVED it though! We did switch rider and then I got to do it with him. I got a little nervous before I got on and Hudson was so sweet and told me it was going to be ok and he would take care of me. Sweet boy!

After Space Mountain, we found the real Buzz!

 They sure do know how to make boys happy!

 I have no idea why Harrison wanted to stay in the stroller for this one, but Buzz wasn't going to let him off the hook. I love these pictures! Harrison loved it!

 Got him!

 The sunset was gorgeous that night! This was from one of the rides in Tomorrowland...great view!

We stayed for the late parade that evening and we were so glad we did! We were exhausted, but the boys had a great time watching the parade and all the lights.

What a fun day we had! Next up, Animal Kingdom!

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