Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dr. Suess, Mickey, and T-ball

Last week was Dr. Suess' birthday and Hudson had to dress up as a character in one of the books. Of course, we did Cat in the Hat because that is Hudson's favorite! Unfortunately, my little Cat in the Hat was less than thrilled about dressing up that day. He wouldn't wear half the outfit and I had to bribe him to even put on the hat for a quick picture. Oh well...he was still cute! The bow tie is just hilarious, and wouldn't you know, when I picked him up from school that afternoon, he STILL had the bow tie on. He told all of his teachers that his Mom told him he had to wear it all day. He wouldn't even take it off to nap!
This past Friday night, we went to see a Mickey Mouse concert at the BJCC. I had heard it was only an hour and a half, so we thought it would be a good opportunity to take Harrison too. I went in with very low expectations. I mean, the kid doesn't sit still EVER and Friday night, at bedtime, after being at school most of the week were all stacked up against us. But, he did awesome! I would totally take him again! He danced and danced and it really held his attention. He got a little restless at the end, but that was to be expected. I think Hudson liked it. He got pretty tired at the end too and was the kid throwing a fit as we walked out the door. Something about how he never gets to buy anything...(you parents out there know what I'm talking about! Ha!). He had obviously chosen to forget the $12 cotton candy and Mickey ears that he had gotten earlier in the night as his "one thing" he could get. :) It was a fun night though and I can't wait to take them to more events like this!

Saturday morning was Hudson's first t-ball game! Oh my goodness at the cuteness!!!!

 I think I took 100 pictures. I just could not get over how adorable they all were. And they were SO excited!
You can't play t-ball without eye black! Our coach supposedly makes them wear it every week. I love it!
 Best buddies!!!
These two were onlookers again. Margaret and I were talking about how much they had grown since last spring when we did the t-ball clinic at church. Hard to believe it has been a year!

 Hudson was very apprehensive about going up to bat, but once he finally got up there, he made contact the first time and ran to first! It was great! His second hit was even better!

 Just keepin' it real child sitting on third base! :)

 Even Migi and Pops came to see the first game! We loved having them there! I think they knew everyone at the was like a Vestavia grandparent reunion!

If you can't tell, I am pretty pumped about t-ball. We have a couple of weeks off before we play again due to spring break, but I can't wait!

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