Monday, January 21, 2013

The "Cavin"

We finally made it up to the cabin this past weekend (or as Hudson likes to call it, the "cavin"). The boys and I had planned to stay until today, but we had to come back yesterday due to some plumbing issues at the cabin. It ended up being a quick trip because we got there late Friday night and left around 10 am yesterday, but it was still so nice to get away. My parents are always so nice to let us just relax as much as we can when we go up there. They are so willing to help with the boys and Mom would not let me cook at all so it was nice being fed too! :)
The weather this weekend was absolutely perfect! I haven't been able to say that in a while! We tried our best to spend every second outside. Saturday morning started bright and early. Hudson was so excited to get to play at the cabin that he was up at the crack and ready to go outside to ride the big and little gators. Then, we headed to a nearby state park and saw a couple of beautiful waterfalls!
It was a short hike to the bottom of one of them so we decided to venture down there, boys in tow. We had hardly started before Harrison flicked his shoe off and it went over the railing and about two feet from the drop off. Oh and I have to mention that the area that it went was covered in snow and ice. We had decided to just leave it and not take our chances in getting it, but next thing we knew, Joel was over the rail going near the ledge to get it. I could not watch. But, he made it. Superdad!  
This picture below looks like it should be a postcard or something!
We headed back to the cabin for lunch and then ventured outside again. I thought we were just going to ride the gator down to the creek, but it ended up being another full blown hike to see yet another waterfall. Yep, that made 3 in the day! I married quite the outdoorsman and having two boys, I'm just gonna have to get used to this! Even the tandom pee break that ensued along the way. No picture of that one. :) Hudson thought that was just the coolest thing in the world.

Monkey see, monkey do. Harrison threw a fit because Hudson had gotten on this fallen tree trunk, so we had to put Harrison up there too! He loved it!
After that adventure, it was nap time for the boys, and I got to sit in the sun and read. It was fabulous.
Now, we are at home today celebrating MLK Day. We've had a good day so far! Loving this great weather we are having!

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