Sunday, January 13, 2013

Lately in Iphone Pics

Well, it's January. I haven't gotten out the big camera once since the holidays ended and I definitely have not had the urge to blog, but hopefully I got the break I needed! I have been needing to get the pictures off my phone anyway, so I'll just update with those this week.
 First up, this big boy got his first haircut on Friday! I had not planned to go alone because I knew I would need all hands on deck, but he needed it cut and Friday was the only time I had to do it. Obviously, there are no pictures of the actual haircut. That would be because I had to hold him in a head lock the whole time while he kicked and screamed. Between that and Hudson wanting to get all in the middle of the hair cut as well, I had worked up a good sweat by the time we got out of there. I remember Hudson's first hair cut so well--he was around 15 or 16 months as well and he just sat there in the chair by himself and let them cut whereever they needed to. I took tons of pictures of the monumentous event. How different these boys' personalities are! Oh how cute Harrison looks though. And, he suddenly looks more like a big boy! It just might be a while before we go back! :)
After the hair cut, I decided we needed to all go let out some energy. It had stopped raining and the sun was peeking through, so I thought we would go try out our new zoo membership. I have a feeling we will be using this a ton, so thank you Migi and Pops! It was a bit of a bummer trip this time though. None of the animals were out. We did ride the train though and finally got to see one elephant. This made our day because the elephant was performing. He was playing in the mud and since we were the only ones on the train, the conductor stopped for about 10 minutes and let us watch him play! The boys just loved it! Unfortunately, as we were on the train, the rain came back and we got soaked trying to get back to the car. Oh well!

Saturday we had a birthday party at McWane. It was Harrison's first time to really experience McWane and he LOVED it! He wore himself out (so much so that lunch out afterwards ended up being the biggest restaurant disaster EVER--never taking them out again)!

Hudson always has to find the costume to put on...

I could not get Harrison away from Clifford the dog!

How in the world does he get out of his shirt in the carseat?!?
Here are some more Iphone pics from the past few weeks.
Being silly--what does it take to get a normal picture these days?!?!
The picture below happens to represent one of our parenting failures. He is waving his AUBURN shaker yelling, "Roll Tide Roll." We do NOT say those words in this house. I doubt he will be saying it again anytime soon after Joel and I got done with him! :) Too many Bama fans around this past week!

A little green with my orange and blue--too bad Notre Dame didn't show up!


Joel and Clint took the boys to the monster truck show last Saturday. I'm not sure who loved it more, the kids or their daddies! I got to hear all about Grave Digger, Batman, and Scooby Doo monster trucks. Oh and the $15 monster mug that Joel bought (who spends that much on drinks?!??). They had a blast though and I'm glad they got to have some daddy/son time! This was the only decent picture I got--figures with men!
If you have never done colored baths, you should do it! So much fun for these guys! (And how Hudson sits like that, I will never know. He sits like that all the time!)
Petting zoo fun!
Harrison loved this duck even though it kept snapping at him!


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