Thursday, January 3, 2013

15 Months

Harrison turned 15 months yesterday. I'm a day late posting about it only because I wanted to wait until after his checkup today. I did not forget. :)
Weight: 27 pounds, 10 ounces (90th percentile)
Length: 32.5 inches (90th percentile)
HC: 19 inches
The appointment was total chaos. Harrison started screaming the minute we walked in. His weight is really just a guess because he was flailing about so much that the nurse couldn't get it to stay on one thing for more than a millisecond. So, really, his weight is somewhere between 26 and 28 pounds! Still my big boy. Just for comparison, Hudson was 26 pounds and 31.5 inches at his 15 month appointment. Harrison is definitely bigger (but proportional at least--ha!)! While we were trying to get Harrison to stay still, Hudson announces that he has to poop. I made him wait, but then he couldn't wait anymore, so while Dr. C. is in the room doing Harrison's checkup, we have to hit the pause button and go to the bathroom--where it takes.him.forever. Seriously. Anyway, back to the room and I could not get Hudson to stop playing with the stirrups. Nice, huh!?! Dr. C. and his nurse couldn't stop laughing and of course Hudson just ate that up. Neither of them even knew they even had those things in the rooms! Leave it to Hudson to tear the room apart. I'm not even going to mention how well the 4 shots went. Just keeping it real! I was ready to get out of there!
Harrison's ears are still yuck. Gotta love going to a well baby checkup and going home with an antibiotic. His ears have been draining since Thanksgiving and we just can't get them cleared up. It is so frustrating. Dr. C. was going to check with our ENT to see if we need to do the "vacuum" out of his ears, which I have been hoping we would not have to do because it is apparently pretty terrible. We'll see what happens with that.
Overall, I think he is doing fine. He's definitely behind where Hudson was at this point with his speech. Dr. C. did ask about it, but wasn't worried because a. he is the second child and he says they typically take a bit longer to talk, and b. his ears are a mess. Hopefully, we can get that cleared up soon! He babbles a lot though and I can make out his references to some things, but probably no one else could!

At 15 months, this boy continues to be a mess. The past two nights while giving Hudson a bath in my tub, Harrison has taken shoes from my closet and tossed them in the tub. I was right there when he did it both times and still couldn't stop him. Tonight, he put two towels in the full tub. Last week, he threw his backpack in the potty. He also took a bottle of soy sauce out of the fridge and thew it on the hardwoods (thankfully, it did not break). He eats dog food and likes to stick his hands in the potty. When he gets mad about something, he goes and hits things (like doors). He hides behind furniture, especially when you are trying to get out the door in the morning, all the while smiling! I could go on and on and on about this boy. He is trouble! But man oh man, he's cute. Real cute.

He gives the BEST hugs now! He will come running to you when you ask for one! So sweet! He loves going to bed. When I ask him if he is ready to go night night, he always makes a beeline for the stairs after waving and blowing kisses to everyone. That is his routine every night. I am thankful to have two kids that like to sleep. He is still on a 7 pm to 7 or 8 am schedule. Sometimes, he takes a morning nap on the weekends, but I can tell those days are coming to an end. I'm still letting him have the paci to sleep. I don't plan on letting that go anytime soon.

He still loves reading books. He's finally settling in and letting us read to him instead of flipping all the pages before we can finish. I love reading books with him. It is the one time of day that he will sit still in my lap and I just eat it up! He always picks out what he wants to read too, which is fun. He definitely has his favorites.

He has also started pointing with one finger at things. That pointer finger is always out! It sure is demanding! :)

He is doing great with identifying body parts. He can do nose, eyes, mouth, and my personal favorite, his belly!

He loves to kick and throw balls, and loves to dance too! Put on some music and he starts to bounce and wave his hands! Oh and he is really starting to run! Overall, he seems very coordinated for 15 months. He follows Hudson around everywhere. They don't always get along, but mostly it is due to whatever toy the other one has at the time! :) They have their sweet moments too though!

I finally started brushing Harrison's teeth this month. He likes it about as much as he likes to have his diaper or clothes changed. Yikes. Luckily, he only has 4 teeth so the torture is quick!

He is wearing 24 month to 2t clothes, with some 18 month stuff here and there, but mostly that is too small now. His feet are huge. He is already at a 7.5 shoe size. Hudson is only at a 9.5!

I know you can take one look at him and know that he eats, but he really is hit or miss with his eating. It is either eat everything you put in front of him, or don't eat anything at all kind of thing. The one thing that he will always eat is strawberries and bananas. And goldfish. And Chick-Fil-A. What else does a boy need?

I think that's about it for 15 months. I am loving this age, but it is challenging for sure. He is so different from Hudson so I feel like I'm starting over on this whole parenting thing! I just love him to pieces and I just wonder every day what he is going to get into next! :)

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