Tuesday, September 25, 2012

More Soccer Pics

I don't know about this 3 year old soccer thing. It's quite frustrating to say the least! This competitive mama is having a hard time with it. I'm trying really hard to remind myself that he is only 3, but I found myself bribing him to kick the ball on Sunday. Really? Ice cream for kicking the ball once??? Well, even ice cream didn't work. He did a whole lot of running again, but didn't get anywhere near the ball. Half the time he was in outer space. It didn't help that our opponents were from south of the border (and I think had 5 year olds on their team!). Soccer is in their blood! Highlight of the day--watching one of our little 3 year olds pull down his pants and start to "relieve himself" on the field, the rest of them beginning to follow his lead until we all started running on the field to stop them. It.was.hilarious.
Anyway, they sure are cute...

Sunday was team picture day and it was mayhem at the fields. We stood around waiting for our team picture to be made for 15 minutes and never had any luck, so we just decided to take our team to our field and take a "free" team picture.

Then, Hudson decided he wanted to pose for an individual picture. I couldn't have paid for one better than this, so I'll take it (nap head and all)!

 Love these boys!
This is about how the game went...our 4 players on the ground while they went and scored.
We did end up scoring our first goal of the season. Yay Haines! We were all cheering so loudly and Haines was so proud of himself. It really was priceless. And just to document that I'm not the only crazy mom, Haines came running off the field to his parents and got a treat from them! Ha! The things we do to get our kids to behave.

This little (I mean BIG) kid walked halfway across the room tonight! We are about to have a walker on our hands!

He has even mastered going up AND going down the stairs outside. You have to watch him like a hawk (see the concrete at the end of the stairs--scary!).

 Does this picture below crack  you up or what??? Harrison's face is priceless!

 Can you tell we've entered into the dress up phase??? Every day, Hudson wants to wear one of his costumes!

Videos to come of Harrison walking AND he has a big birthday next week! Can't believe he's already turning 1!

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