Monday, September 10, 2012

Game Day, Bath Time, Splash Pad, and Soccer!

The boys dressed in their Auburn gear on Friday...we were happy about Auburn football then! :)

This was bath time Friday night. I just let the kids go wild and get water all over the bathroom floor. They were having so much fun that I couldn't make them stop! I am loving watching their relationship bloom. They definitely feed off of each other!

 I was soaked by the end of it too!
Saturday morning, we had a birthday party at the Gardendale splash pad at 10. Of course, it rained hard the whole way there, but once we got there, it stopped and it actually was great because we had the whole thing to ourselves! We went one time last year and Hudson played in it for about 5 minutes and was done, but this time, he loved it! He played so hard.

 Hudson and the birthday girl...
 Harrison had fun in the water too!

Since the party was at 10 am, Joel and I decided to DVR the Auburn game and start it later. I'm SO glad that we did because we were able to get through the torture pretty quickly! Whew it was bad! Oh well, maybe next year we'll be ok again???

We watched the game while the boys napped and then took a long walk to the playground and let the boys play for a while. It was a lot of fun. Harrison learned that he loves the slide and wanted to do it over and over again!

Sunday was church and naps (rest time for Hudson--he was too excited!) and then we headed to Hudson's first soccer game! He wore his shinguards and cleats all weekend so he was ready! Here is Hudson and his buddy Cooper!

We had organized for all the people in our Sunday school class with 3 year olds to all be on the same team. Well, the team grew and grew and they had to split us into 3 teams (and then added randoms to our team too for some odd reason--oh well!). Unfortunately, we only had 4 players show up on our team on Sunday, with only 3 that would go on the field. Needless to say, they got tired fast! We were very proud of them though. They had no idea what to do, but they did a lot of running (isn't that the point for 3 year old soccer?!?!)! I think the other team had been practicing because they smoked us (they even wore headbands--serious 3 year olds!).

Here were the 3 muskateers!
 Hudson and Hunt...his mama and I have been friends since we were little. It has been so fun watching them grow up!

Little buddy enjoyed the action too! Well, he pretty much fussed the entire time we were there, but oh well. He looked cute anyway.
 Our 3 players and their mighty coach!

Hudson made one breakaway with the ball. He didn't make it far, but it looks like he was doing pretty good in this picture! :)

He did score a goal too. He picked the ball up with his hands, ran it over to the goal, and kicked it in! I was jumping up and down! It was pretty funny. At least he knows that he has to kick it in the goal. We have to work on the hands part!

After the soccer game, we headed to the Lighthouse at the church for a Sunday school social. It was our second time to have this and it was so much fun again. They opened up the gym for the kids, put the bouncy house up, got out all the balls and jump ropes, and let the kids run wild. We had pizza for dinner. To say the kids were exhausted after all of that was a huge understatement. I took my camera, but I guess I forgot to take pictures! I swear I took some, but there weren't any on my camera. The kids had a big day and pretty much went straight to bed when we got home. Hudson did wake up last night crying saying that he had lost his ball. Poor buddy. I think it was a lot of action for one kid in a day. :)

It was a great weekend!

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