Monday, September 3, 2012

Fun Labor Day Weekend!

We started out our long Labor Day weekend with a trip to Atlanta for the Auburn game. We went in style on a bus and it was so much fun! We will definitely be doing this again. It was worth every penny not to have to worry about driving, finding a parking place, or paying for gas and a hotel room. The game was fun even though we lost. The only bad thing was that we didn't get home until 1:30 am and the kids were up at 6:20 am, so we are still trying to catch up on sleep.

Because we are crazy, we got up Sunday morning and headed to the lake. We stopped for a big breakfast at Cracker Barrel on the way out of town and got there by lunchtime. We all had fun, but I think Hudson had the time of his life this time. He never stopped the whole day and went on and on about how much fun he was having. I mean, who wouldn't have fun when you have a "big green tractor", a gator, 4 wheeler, and boat to ride on!

This is Pops' new toy. Hudson said his favorite part of the day was the big green tractor. He LOVED it.
We took Hudson's jeep up there too and he rode it all over the farm. We will definitely be taking it again as he had a blast.
The boys got some good swimming in too, although I didn't have my camera when they were doing it. I didn't think Harrison would really care about getting in the water so I didn't bother putting him in his bathing suit, but I was so wrong. He about crawled off the dock into the water. So, we just stripped him down naked and let him have at it and he loved it. He swallowed so much lake water that we paid for that on the way home (he threw up everywhere on the way back--yuck). That was fun last night when we were so exhausted we could hardly stand up. We just had to laugh about it, even though my car still stinks! :)

We stayed until 8 last night and then decided to come on home so we could sleep in our own beds. I'm glad we did since the weather has been awful today. We have had a pretty lazy day. We did eat some BBQ for lunch and I took a fabulous 2 hour nap this afternoon, so I think I'm almost caught up on my sleep. The boys were both asleep by 7 tonight so maybe they will be caught up by tomorrow too! It was a great weekend though. I'm so glad college football is back, even if our team is not so hot. I just love this time of year!

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