Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My TWO year old!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Hudson! I can't believe he is two. Seriously, can't believe it. Where have these past two years gone? They sure do go by fast.

We started out the birthday week (and I do mean WEEK!) by making cupcakes on Monday night for Hudson to take to school on Tuesday. I had a really good helper! He was all about making some cupcakes. Somehow, the most important thing to him was the sprinkles! Too bad he had to wait a while for those!

No, Hudson, don't pour the sprinkles in the batter!

Helping me stir...

There were a lot of "Hudson do its" going on. He is definitely Mr. Independent right now. It has gone from "Mommy do it" to "Hudson do it" and it makes me sort of sad!

Finally, the sprinkles! If you look closely, you will see the sprinkles are face down in the cupcakes! He was very serious about it though!

The finished product! That's pretty good for a two year old, right?!?! I guess he might have had a little help. :) It was fun baking with my little guy! I couldn't believe how interested he was in doing this, but I guess when it involves food, especially sweets, he wants to see it through until the end!

Today is his actual birthday. I think by the end of today he knows that it's his birthday! I went into his room this morning singing Happy Birthday. He's been saying "Happy Day Hudson" all day! I love it. He will also tell you he's two if you ask him how old he is.

This is a random picture below and I know he's cut off, but he was making this face the whole car ride this morning and it just made me laugh so hard! I'm trying to take the picture while driving...don't recommend doing that!

Since poor Hudson has an accountant for a mother and his poor birthday is right in the middle of busy season, I had to go to work today. But, not before we had a Mother/Son breakfast date at Krispy Kreme! Nothing like a chocolate (chocwate) donut with sprinkles AND chocwate milk! Heaven! And by the way, he picked this for breakfast! Again, sprinkles does it every time (well, and maybe chocolate!)!

He threw a little fit when I wouldn't let him drink his milk out of the container with a straw, but hey, priorities here--we had to keep the shirt clean! Ha!

He devoured his donut. He had never had one, but boy did he like it! He also loved to watch them make all the donuts! It was a fun little morning date. I got a little teary when I told him it was time to go to school and he said, "No, stay with Mommy." If he only knew how bad I wished the same thing! Of course, a few minutes later he was talking about going to see Caleb and Miss Alison and Miss Taylor, so I knew we were going to be ok!

I did apologize to his teachers when we got there for all the sugar consumption that he had already had that morning! It was only going to get worse with the cupcakes that we took for lunchtime! Oh well, you only have a birthday once a year!

I stole the picture below from his class blog. The shirt didn't make it past the blue cupcake. Ha! They also put a video on the blog of them singing Happy Birthday to him and he was just SO happy! It makes me smile every time. Hudson made me replay it about 20 times this afternoon when we got home! He would cheer and clap at the end of the song every time!

Tonight, Migi and Pops came over to see Hudson on his birthday and brought him the cutest book so he would have a present on his actual birthday. We held out all the other presents for his party on Saturday! Migi brought cupcakes and so they ate dinner with us and then we sang to Hudson one more time and he blew out his candles. I didn't even know he knew how to blow out candles, but he sure did!

I'm happy to report that Hudson drew the line with these cupcakes and refused to eat any. I, on the other hand, gladly ate them! They were good! I think Hudson was on sugar overload for the day.

Like I said before, this is Hudson's birthday WEEK! Tomorrow night, we are headed to my parent's house to eat dinner and celebrate, AND see my sister and soon to be brother in law, who have just moved back tonight from Los Angeles! Woo hoo! I couldn't be happier. And then, Saturday, is the big train party with both of our families. Should be a fun rest of the week.

It wouldn't be a yearly post without mentioning what Hudson is up to at TWO:
  • He is definitely two. The lay on the ground, kicking and screaming fits are back with a vengeance! It just seems like every time he doesn't get what he wants, this is what happens. There is no reasoning with him. You basically have to just ignore him, which is so hard. Oh and the choosing to not mind--this one's going to do me in I think. He minds about as well as our dogs, and that's not saying much.
  • On the flip side to the above, he can turn the switch real quick and give you a hug and tell you that he "wuvs you" and that just gets me every time. Those are probably the sweetest words I've ever heard in my life and makes this motherhood thing SO worth it!
  • He is definitely all boy! He loves to climb anything, play outside in the dirt, and loves to build blocks and subsequently knock them down by hitting them across the room. This can be very frustrating when you've built a very neat and tall tower and Hudson just demolishes it. I try to remind myself that he's two. :)
  • He loves trucks, trains, cars, buses, planes, motorcycles, and everything that moves! It is really fun riding in the car with him. We find every single truck, bus, garbage truck, etc. that we see, and he lets out this high pitch "buuuusss" or "truuuuuuuck" every time! He just gets so excited!
  • He knows his colors really well! He can point out yellow, red, blue, green, purple, and white. He loves for you to ask him what color something is.
  • His new sayings are "Look at that!" in a high pitched squeal, "Oh shoot," (yep, he says it--could be worse), "I don't know," and "Who's that?" for just about anything and everything. I've tried to teach him the difference between "who's that" and "what's that," but it's "who's that" for everything. He said it the other day to some old lady in the grocery store--I'm like, I don't know who that is! Sure does get the conversation going! But, today, he said "who's that" to a fire hydrant. He just wants to know what everything is! Oh and he told me the other night while eating dinner that it really was not that bad. Thanks, dude. We were laughing so hard because it's no secret that I'm a pretty terrible cook.
  • He likes to "tee-tee on the potty" before bath time every night. Still no action there--he's really more all about the toilet paper (which we finally had to remove!). He does know what to do with it though! :) He is still telling us when he has pooped, but we're still no where near ready for all this.
  • He's been getting up at the crack of dawn! I'm ok with it during the week, but up at 6 or earlier on Saturdays and Sundays is really not cool! We've tried keeping him up later at night thinking that maybe he just didn't need as much sleep, but that seems to have the opposite effect on Hudson. He will just wake up earlier, so I know he needs to be in bed by 7:30 at the latest. He's just been very cranky getting up so early! I hope it is just a phase. He is getting his pointy teeth (two down, two to go) so maybe that is causing all of this.
  • Knock on wood, but Hudson hasn't been sick in 6 months (other than one cold which did not require a doctor visit or missed school)! We have not been to the doctor since his 18 month checkup. That is incredible seeing as though this time last year, I thought I was going to be fired with all the work I was having to miss with him being sick--poor thing just couldn't catch a break!
  • He loves playing with our next door neighbor, Tony. He's 7 and is SO nice and patient with Hudson. Hudson want's to do everything Tony does! It's so cute. And, we are loving this warm weather we've had lately. We've had so much fun being outside, whether it's going to the park or just playing in our yard, it is so much better than being cooped up inside all day!

Hudson, Happy Birthday to you. We are so lucky to have you and we can't wait to see what TWO has in store for us! Should be interesting!

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  1. Happy birthday to sweet Hudson. And congrats on the other BIG happenings in your life! Thrilled to pieces for you - what a blessing!