Thursday, March 10, 2011

No More Chocolate Milk!

I made a big boo boo the other night with Hudson. I gave Hudson...gasp...chocolate milk with dinner. After downing one sippy in about 2 seconds, he asked for more, and what did I do? I poured him some more. I'm not always this stupid! I just thought he was thirsty! After he started downing the second cup without eating a bite of food, I took it away. You would have thought somebody died. An all out fit insued, and there was nothing that could be done. Dinner was over. I thought I was giving him a treat for being so good! Instead, he got to go straight to bed with only chocolate milk in his tummy. But, there was a lot of it in there! Ha!

Fast forward to a few minutes ago. I asked Joel to get him some milk for dinner. I didn't say "chocolate" milk. I just said milk. Joel does as I ask, and puts it at the table. He then tries to put Hudson in his booster seat while I got the plates prepared, and all I hear is "no, no, no, chocolate milk," with lots of kicking and screaming. He was not going in that booster seat. There were tears streaming down his cheeks. We took him to time out. The time out worked, for about 2 minutes. He said he was sorry, straightened up, let me put him in his booster seat, and then once again, he realized he had regular milk and the wailing began again, only this time with a mad swipe of the milk off the table. Joel took him back to time out this time, and again, he came back with no tears and seemed ready to behave. He wouldn't eat anything on his plate though. He just kept telling me no, in between some tears and me pleading with him not to cry! So, finally, we offered a hot dog (I know, we gave in, but not to the chocolate milk!) and he jumped on that and ate TWO of them. He was still asking for chocolate milk, but he finally broke down and drank his regular milk without a fit. Who knew that chocolate milk could cause this much commotion? Dinner lasted an hour tonight--and it was NOT fun.

I will NEVER make that mistake again! I might not even buy that stuff anymore. It is like crack to kids apparently (and husbands!).

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  1. I have to dilute Claudia's chocolate milk especially if I buy pre-mixed chocolate milk. I try yo buy only the powder, that way I control how much it put in the milk. But you are right...that stuff is like crack :)