Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Joel and I celebrated our last Christmas this year with just the two of us. The craziness will begin next year! We enjoyed spending a lot of time with our families, and were so blessed with everything that we received! Everyone did way too much as usual! We especially enjoyed watching Morgan and Blaine this year. This is the first year that they both have been so into the spirit of Christmas, and it rubbed off on all of us! They were so excited! It was fun to watch them open every gift and ooh and ahh over it. They got along so well too! The Whitt family headed up to Mentone for the weekend after Christmas. We had a lot of fun relaxing at the cabin. It is always so nice up there. On Saturday, the guys played golf and the girls took a glass jewelry making class. We made some beautiful jewelry! We had fun doing something different than we normally do. The guys had a great time playing golf as well! Thanks Mom and Dad for planning all of that!

Joel's cousin Abby was presented in the Poinsettia Ball, so we celebrated Christmas with the Reed's before the ball. That is the reason we are all dressed up in the pictures below! Normally we would celebrate Christmas with them on Christmas Day, but Joel's grandmother was not doing well, so we postponed Christmas with the Reed's for a few days until we could get everyone together. It was really fun though...we should celebrate Christmas in formal attire every year! I'm sure the guys wouldn't agree with that, but everyone looked so nice! Thank you to the Reed's for all our wonderful gifts. Although we celebrated a few days later than we normally do, it was still fun to be together and celebrate.

After the unwrapping of presents, we headed to Vestavia Country Club for the ball. Abby looked gorgeous as always at the ball, and we had a fun time being a part of that as well.

On another note, keep Joel's grandmother in your prayers. She is still hanging on, but we are praying that her suffering will end soon. She is 91 years old and has lived a wonderful, long life.

Below are some pictures from Christmas and the Poinsettia Ball.

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