Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Girl Time!

My sister Carrie finally made it into town from Los Angeles. She was supposed to get home Saturday night, but didn't actually make it until Monday. Traveling across the country during the holidays is a nightmare. Anyway, it has been so great to see her these past couple of days and I'm so glad that we have the rest of the week to spend with her. We all wish that she would move back home. It has been since last January that we saw her. She looks gorgeous as always! Mom, Carrie, and I all went to Sips N Strokes last night to have some mother-daughter time that we have missed so much with Carrie being gone! It was an absolute blast. Our picture was really hard though! I must say that not being able to sip puts us Type A people at an extreme disadvantage! I was so stressed out about it, but I think they all turned out pretty good. Here are some pictures from our fun night out! Carrie had to leave a little bit early to go hang out with her friends, but her picture turned out great too! We are glad that she was able to fit us in her busy schedule!

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