Tuesday, January 24, 2017

High Point Climbing

After we were stuck inside for 2 full days due to the ice, we finally HAD to get out. Joel's brothers asked us if we wanted to join them at the new High Point Climbing place. This place was amazing and a perfect little spot for our little guys. My only regret is that Joel and I did not do it too, but it definitely would have been a little crazy with the boys there too since we were constantly having to hook them up to do different things. We definitely plan to go back without the kids sometime...we just won't be able to tell them where we are going! They loved it!
They had a great kids room that even adults could enjoy too.

Harrison was not scared in the least. It took Hudson a little while to understand that the rope was going to catch him when he fell. He kept climbing up, and then climbing back down instead of just letting go. He finally figured it out though! Both boys climbed like monkeys though!

Jordan and Harrison climbing the spider web!

 This is still in the kids room, so you can see adults can do this too!

After spending a long while in the kids area, we made it over to the big room and let the boys have a try on the "real" walls. It was tough!

The good thing about this place was that the ropes were automatic and we didn't have to worry about holding each other up. However, the bad thing about this is that there are not enough of them in the big room! It also meant that when you were halfway up the wall, there was really no resting since no one was holding you. Jordan and Stuart both said they wanted to take the class so they could do that. There was definitely more options.

My boys climbed for almost 3 hours and it was only when their hands literally started bleeding that they agreed they had had enough for one day. It really was a huge hit and we will most certainly be back!

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