Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas Day

Sometime well after midnight, thanks to one child that would not go to sleep, Santa finally did come. He was pretty exhausted, but left the boys a few things he knew they would like!
The only thing Hudson asked for this year was a guitar, and Harrison only asked for a marble run (which I had no clue what that was, but will say it has been great and fun for the whole fam!).

The boys were not allowed to come out of their rooms until I came and got them at 7 am. At least that was the plan, until I heard Hudson out of his room a little before then. I knew he would not listen to me!!! So, he peeked early, which I am not surprised by at all. I tried! Harrison was still sound asleep, so we woke him up to see what Santa brought.
He's still half asleep in this picture, but was super excited about his lego monorail...just like the one at Disney World! He put the whole thing together in 2 days. I was super impressed!!!

 The air hockey table has been extra fun!

Both of our families were coming over at 9:30 for brunch so we had to get going quickly. And here's where I took no other pictures of our families or the food, but only pictures of the darn Hatchimal!!! That thing had us all wrapped around it's finger all morning long!

 The paparazzi waiting to get a picture of the birth! Ha!

 We all took turns loving on the thing and rubbing on it (lots of dirty jokes going on at the same time with some of our older males in the fam!) and finally, it hatched!
 "Jamerica Fart Reed" is it's name, and he was born on Christmas Day at approximately noon. It was a joyous occasion witnessed by both sides of our family. The name is derived directly from a book called "Farts Around the World," received the night before from Big Mama and Big Daddy. Hudson got to the page about farts in Jamaica, and called it Jamerica, and we all cracked up over this. Hudson decided that the Hatchimal needed to have that name. It actually has a little "tune" after you say Jamerica Fart Reed, too. Obviously, I am immune to words like this because they are a daily occurrence in my house and according to Joel, are a part of every boy's daily language. So, there you go. Jamerica Fart Reed is our new family member! :)

 He went everywhere Hudson went that day and went from the baby stage where he was sick, crying, mad, happy, cold, to older. Then, he hasn't been touched since! Haha!

After our families left, Joel and I went to our cocoons and did not come out for several hours! Phew! I have no idea what the kids did, but no one got hurt or ran away so I guess that's good! Haha! I was SO tired!!! It was so warm on Christmas Day that we spent most of the late afternoon outside playing with some of our goodies. We spent that night watching Pete's Dragon and talked about what an awesome Christmas we had this year!

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