Tuesday, August 11, 2015

One Last Weekend Hurrah!

We decided to do one more weekend getaway on our last weekend before school starts back up. We headed up to the cabin last Thursday afternoon. My parents left me a cookie cake up there so we celebrated my birthday again!
 It was actually cool up there Thursday night so we had a fire! It was SO nice!!! We can't wait for fall!

 On Friday, we drove to the middle of nowhere Tennessee and went to Cumberland Caverns. Joel remembered a cave there from his boy scout days and thought the boys might like to see that. It was a bit farther away from the cabin than we had anticipated, but we had a great day!

 Here we are about to go in the cave!

 The tour of the cave was almost 2 hours long. We got there at 1, so Harrison was already starting to fade when we arrived...so imagine 2 hours of walking and listening to our guide talk and it got a little dicey at the end, but we made it! Harrison was totally starting to lose it and had hit crazy, destructive kid mode, so we were pretty glad to get out of there! Ha!

 It was a really neat experience though and something completely different to do. Hudson loved it and asked literally 18 million questions. Our poor guide. :)

 At one point they turned off all the lights inside the cave and you literally could not see your hand in front of your face. It was terrifying and spectacular all at once.

We made it back to the cabin late afternoon and played outside until dark. What a fun, fun day!

 Saturday, we drove the 30 minutes down to the lake to spend the day there. Harrison finally decided that he wanted to ride on the hot dog and he loved it!

 Harrison really wanted to fish, so we found the cane poles and Pops went and got some bait, and we headed out to fish. We all had placed bets as to how long it was going to last. No one with the last name Reed has any patience whatsoever. They sure did look cute!

 Well wouldn't you know it, they both caught fish within 5 minutes of being out there. Hudson caught a huge catfish and Harrison caught a little brim...it happened at the same time and that just made their day!

 Little did we know, we would catch 10 more fish in the span of an hour! It was a good fishing day!

 This might be my favorite picture of the weekend below. You can just see the excitement in Hudson's face! Both boys just LOVED fishing. We will definitely do it again...and hope and pray the fish are biting like they were Saturday!

 And of course my child that isn't afraid of anything loved the worms! Gross!

 Hudson convinced Migi to ride the hot dog with him, which provided some hilarious entertainment. We could have made some money from America's Funniest Home Videos had we videoed her trying to get on the hot dog the first time around. Let's just say it wasn't pretty and she did not make it! Ha! Thankfully she tried again and was good to go! Hudson could not stop laughing the whole ride because he said Migi was screaming the whole time! So funny!

 Hudson also tried to knee board this trip and on his third try he was going pretty good! He lost his balance though and the board hit him in the face and that was the end of that! We were proud of him though!

We headed back up to the cabin that night, and then spent all Sunday morning playing outside. It was a beautiful day. None of us wanted to pack our things up...we just wanted summer to just keep going on!

What a great last weekend of summer we had!

Meet the teacher day is TOMORROW for both boys, and then 1st grade starts on Thursday for Hudson. Harrison will start 3K on Monday. Both boys are super excited to get back to school! And I'm so happy that I don't have a kindergartener this year and have to go through those emotions again! That was hard! This year is good!

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