Sunday, August 30, 2015

It's a Girl! (And it's NOT mine!)

We learned last weekend that it IS possible that a Reed boy can produce a girl! Ha! After 3 Reed boys and then our 2 boys, none of us really thought it could happen! We headed over to the Reed's last Saturday afternoon to find out the news. As you can see, our boys wore blue...however I wore my lucky pink shirt that I wore at Carrie's reveal! Joel wore blue of course too!
 We took shots of the family members who thought it was a boy and who thought it was a girl, and the boy group was definitely the winner by a landslide!

 IT'S A GIRL!!!!!
 Anna was thrilled, Jordan was scared to death, and Joel's parents were squealing as loud as can be! Finally some pink in this all blue family!

 We are so excited for them and cannot wait to meet this sweet baby girl in February!

 Hudson has told everyone he knows that he has another cousin on the way. He cannot wait to hold her!

Congrats to Jordan and Anna!

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  1. So fun!! She won't be spoiled one bit!! ;) She'll have some protective cousins for sure!