Sunday, July 12, 2015

Week at the Beach

We just got back from a week at the beach. It was fun, but in all honesty the boys were tough this trip and we are all pretty ready to get back to reality. Isn't that sad!?!? Well, it's the truth! We had some good moments though, and got to spend some great quality time with Carrie, Andres, and Rooney and we all cried some tears (some more than others--ahem, Hudson) when they left to head back to Cali.
Cousins in the pool!
One of their rare, sweet moments! I'm pretty sure one was crying about 2 minutes after this picture. That was just the way it was this trip. Lots of crying, lots of whining, and lots of fighting get the picture! :)

 No words for this...
 Or this...someone was attention seeking and really working on being festive for the 4th!

 This sweet baby is so cute!!!
 I took Rooney for a dip and of course the boys were all over me! Rooney loved it and so did I!

It's not a beach trip without dinner at the Red Bar! The food was fabulous as always! The wait wasn't bad either, especially for being the day before the 4th!
 On the 4th, we started with the parade at the condo!

Hudson pushed Rooney in the car. She loved it!

 Harrison did the sack race this year! We were so proud of him! Both boys were a little timid at the start of the games, but once they realized you got prizes for participating, they were all about it!

 They look like little birdies!

 Carrie and I were partners in the egg toss and we were about 4th or 5th place. If Carrie could catch better, we would have won! Ha! Joel and Andres were partners and they did pretty good too! Below is Andres in action!

 We had a great dinner and then fireworks that night! It was such a fun day!

 It rained on Sunday, so we took the boys to see Jurassic World. Some might question why we would take a 3 year old to that movie, but they have seen the other Jurassic movies and LOVE dinosaurs and they loved this movie! We loved it too! They weren't scared a bit, and in fact, were pretty much laughing at everyone who got eaten. Harrison would yell, "Oh, he's a goner!" when it happened! There were a few bad words and the boys definitely heard them, but it wasn't a huge deal!

That afternoon, it turned into a beautiful day and cooled off! We headed to Seaside to eat dinner at the Great Southern Café, which might just be my new favorite restaurant. It's always been good to me, but this time, was really, really good. It didn't hurt that we had one of the best tables outside and the weather was perfect, and ALL the kids behaved! Wahoo!

 That was the highlight, because the next morning, this is what we all looked like when Carrie, Andres, and Rooney left to go home. We were so, so sad! Hudson just sobbed, which broke my heart.

 We made the best of it though!

 Tuesday morning started with the Donut Truck in Alys (of course, second trip there this time!) and then we went and saw the animal show. It never disappoints. The boys love it. This time she brought a ferret, so that was new for the boys to see!

 Then it was more fun on the beach.

The water was crystal clear and we saw so much sea life again! Sharks, sting rays, and dolphins were out in full force!
 One night we went and checked out The Hub. It's a new place nearby that has several restaurants with seating outside and there was a band. It is huge! The boys loved it!

On Wednesday we decided to head to Destin to The Track for the morning. I had actually never been there, but we all wanted to do something different that day. It was hot, but we had a great morning.

 We went out for lunch in Seagrove and the coke machine gave me this coke with "Carrie" on it! It was fate! We missed her so!

Late afternoon dip in the pool! We stayed out until almost 8 that night swimming! We had to make the most of our last night there!

 And then it was back home to lots and lots of laundry...and this cute little Auburn football player!

I'm headed back to the beach next weekend for a girls trip and I can't even begin to explain how ready I am for it! It's a much different trip when you get to relax the whole time! :)

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