Monday, July 27, 2015

More Summer Fun

I can't seem to keep the blog updated! The weekend before last, I headed back to the beach, but this time, with just girls! Glorious! The weather was perfect and the time together was oh so much fun. Maybe a little too much fun, ha! It took me all last week to recover.

Anyway, beach trips without kids are so nice and relaxing, but it's always nice to come back home too! What a fun weekend we had.

 After almost two weeks at the beach, it was high time for me to get some work done, so last week was pretty much catch up week for me. Hudson did a camp at church called Farm to Table, which he loved, and came home with flowers almost every day for me, and details of things that he cooked! It was neat.

We met friends for dinner at The Ridge Friday night (one of our very favorite weekend spots--it's sooo yummy!) and then Saturday was birthday party day. Hudson had a pool party in the morning and Harrison had a party at the park at 2 July...did I say 2 pm in July?!?! It was HOT. I didn't take any pictures at the pool party, but I did grab some at the park before I melted away.

Harrison's best buddy, Henry! We are switching Harrison to our church for daycare this fall, so this is his last week with sweet Henry at school. I am so sad, but hopefully we'll still be able to get them together some!

My sweet boys! Love them so much!!!

Joel and I celebrate our 10th anniversary on Thursday, my birthday next week, and then it's back to school! I've got one little boy who is READY for 1st grade!

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