Tuesday, June 16, 2015


We are loving summer!
Hudson had a fun play date with his buddy Luke last week. We tried to go to the park and didn't last very long. It was hot, hot, hot! We ended up with Icees from the gas station instead! Much better!
 And then we decided we needed something with water, so I found an empty bucket and filled it with water and the boys went to town. Who needs a pool anyway?!?! A sprinkler and a bucket do just fine!

 These were all too cute to share! Harrison REALLY had a blast! Why is it more fun when you are in regular clothes!?!?
 The boys both did Vacation Bible School last week. Hudson did it at our church and Harrison did it at his school. They both had so much fun! We had a Chick Fil A lunch date one day after VBS.

 I helped in Hudson's class on Friday and it was so much fun! Well, I developed a whole new respect for Kindergarten teachers (and my respect level was already pretty high before I took on 20 kids!). It was Friday and they were WILD. It was hard to keep them all together, but we managed!

 These sweet boys are all some of Hudson's good buddies. They play so well and it is fun to watch them grow up together!

 Not to be outdone, this boy's VBS them was superheroes if you couldn't tell! His favorite thing about VBS was "the show where there were people with blue hair." I have no idea, but apparently that was pretty fun!

Friday night, I got to go see Garth Brooks! I had the best time and he put on a phenomenal show!

 We sang our little hearts out! It is pretty neat to go to a concert that basically takes you back to childhood, and you know every single word to every single song and the songs are still so, so good! I think I was most impressed with Garth's stamina! That guy still has it! He was all over that stage and there were times I thought he might pass out he was breathing so hard, but he went on! I would have gone again Saturday night if someone had asked me! It was that good!

Joel didn't want to go (he is crazy and doesn't like country), so my friend Carroll went with me and our seats were with our friends Laura and Rob. We had a blast!

 Sunday morning the VBS kids sang in church. It was so sweet. Hudson looks thrilled...

 He was concentrating so hard on getting the hand motions down pat that he forgot to sing the words to the songs! Or maybe he's just that typical boy that doesn't sing...either way it was sweet!

Joel's parents got the boys this swing for Easter and we finally put it up on Sunday afternoon. The boys have had more fun with it!

 This week Hudson is doing an adventure camp for boys at our church and he has had so much fun. They are building things with hammers and drills, and solving crimes and doing scavenger hunts, and Hudson cannot get enough. It ends at 1:30 every day so we've headed to the pool afterwards.
 He says he is in the army. They made this really neat marshmallow gun out of pipe.

 Nothing like summer nights! Hot and sweaty outside until 8 most nights! I am NOT looking forward to getting back on the school schedule!

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