Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend

We headed down to the beach last Thursday night. We got there super late, but that didn't stop one certain little 3 year old from getting up at 5:45 am asking for the donut truck. Ha! We literally rolled out of bed (well, I rolled out of bed--Joel stayed in bed) and took them down to Alys to fulfill his donut craving. I took some pics with my iphone, but they are not postable. :) Literally, I still had lines in my arms and face from the bed and the boys hair was sticking straight up! Luckily, we did not run into anyone we knew! There was a lot of Lululemon at the donut truck that morning and we looked a bit out of place!
So it was an early day out on the beach for the Reed fam. It was actually a bit chilly out for May, but that didn't stop the boys from getting in the ocean. They were SO ready for the beach!
I am not kidding when I say we stayed on the beach for 3 hours. I'm pretty sure that is longer than the total amount of time actually on the beach the entire summer last year. We are making progress here! And best of all, I read a book while they played! Now, I'm not going to say I got a lot of reading in, but it was definitely some (in between the 8,000 trips to the ocean for more water in the bucket!).

Harrison had so much fun. He was not afraid of the water or the sand at all this year.

The boys immediately found some buddies to play with and they spent a long time trying to catch fish in the ocean. The ocean was amazing. It was like a lake the first couple of days and was as clear as I have ever seen it, which is good and bad. Within a couple of hours of being down there, a shark, a turtle, and 2 sting rays had already made their way through the shallow part! It was neat to see, but man, that sure ruined any little swim in the ocean for me!

Obviously there was a trip to the Red Bar mixed in there! Can't go down there without it. And Hudson's favorite band was playing that night, so that made it extra fun!

The boys were more than willing to start their days with a walk on the beach. Such a great start to any day (if you can't start it with the donut truck!).

This is NOT the pool--this is seriously how clear the ocean was!

We did still spend a good portion of time at the pool. The boys would spend all day swimming if they could. They are both little fish in the water! Of course it's always fun when Daddy can throw you a mile in the air!

Even Hudson did a little "light" reading. Mrs. Boyd would be proud! John Grisham in Kindergarten! :)

Harrison took a 4 hour nap one afternoon so Hudson and I went out by ourselves. We had to take a selfie!
By Sunday we finally had some waves in the ocean and Hudson was ready to boogie board!

SIX swimming lessons for Harrison and he is swimming on his own. SIX. And to think we started with him not even being able to get through a lesson without crying.

Now, I would certainly not let him be in the water by himself by any means, but just knowing he can get from A to B is a huge relief.

 Two of the nights, we decided to just stay out on the pool or the beach until around 7 and we didn't really plan anything big for dinner. It was so fun to just let them play and have fun without having to worry about the battle of making them come in to get ready to go out. I almost prefer it this way, although I do love some good seafood!

 Of course we made one last trip to the donut truck on Sunday morning. When did my child get so big!?!?!
 We walked from the condo this time (in our exercise gear mind you!) and so there was definitely a splash pad trip when we got there! We were all hot!!!

 This might be his most very favorite place on the planet...

 And then it was onto a little play time at the playground. We had to work off the chocolate donuts with sprinkles!

 There was even ice cream in Seaside. Ice cream 1, Hudson 0.

Notice the donut truck shirt that Harrison just had to have! Ha!

We had a great time and had to come home way too soon! We already cannot wait to go back in a few weeks.

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