Wednesday, April 16, 2014

(Missed) Egg Hunts

Our Sunday School class had our annual Easter Egg hunt on Sunday afternoon at Byrd Park in Vestavia. What beautiful weather we had this weekend! We kind of had a crazy day with church, then we tried to eat out for lunch after church and Harrison threw the biggest 2 year old fit that required me to miss lunch and take him to the car where he literally screamed for 25 minutes before passing out. Hudson had t-ball practice at 1, so Joel took him to that while I stayed home with Harrison while he napped because we sure weren't going to get him up, and then when Joel got home, I left to go help hide eggs for the class hunt. Joel was responsible for getting the kids to the park by 3. Well, he was late. And so the kids missed most of the hunt. They were able to get a few eggs each though and didn't really know the difference, even though I was mad as a hornet at Joel for making them miss it! And he forgot their baskets so he had to get his mom to meet him at the park with new ones.
We didn't even have Easter shirts this year to wear, but they were still cute.
 They had a blast playing on the playground with their buddies after the hunt.

This is out of order, but Saturday afternoon after Hudson's t-ball game, we headed to Somerby for Mama Jean's Easter celebration. It is actually always really fun. The Easter bunny was there and I am just cracking up at Harrison in this picture! At least he is not screaming! Hudson chased the Easter bunny around the whole time...hilarious!
 There was a bouncy, so the kids loved that of course, and there was a balloon man, where Hudson asked him to do a skull. What??? No idea where that came totally stumped the balloon man, but he didn't tell Hudson no and proceeded to come up with something that resembled a skull, sort of...not that Hudson really even knows what a skull is anyway? It was a good try though. Harrison asked for a tiger, and got a brown tiger? I thought they were orange? It was strange.

The hit was the face painters. I never thought Harrison would get his face painted, but he was the most still I have ever seen him! He got a shark just like big brother and they were thrilled with it!

There was also an egg hunt, one for the older kids, and one for the younger ones. I sent Joel with Harrison to the younger kids one, and they missed it. Joel said he couldn't find where they were? Joel is seriously not going to be in charge of egg hunts next year! He has officially been fired! Hudson did great at the big kid hunt, and was so sweet and gave Harrison half his eggs when it was over and he realized that Harrison didn't have any. Melt my heart!

How sweet is this face?!?!? We had church pictures the weekend before last and it was a real test of patience. You would think that when you sign up for a time slot, that you would get your picture made in that slot. Not at our apparently have to wait an hour. We ventured all over our church in that hour. They have a tunnel! I got locked in the garden. It was fun! :) The kids were great for the picture though. We can't complain!

 Silly boy after church! Hudson had t-ball pictures, then our church picture, then t-ball game. There was a lot of outfit switcheroos that day. And Harrison of course had to wear his t-ball uniform too. He was so proud that he put his hat on all by himself!

 Coach Tim even gave him some eye black, just like big brother!

I can't wait to spend ALL day at the ballpark in a few years! It's going to be fun! So somehow I started this post with egg hunts and ended with random t-ball pictures. Oh well!

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